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Mama’s Mini Me.

For as long as I could remember I always hoped my first baby would be a girl. Nothing against having a boy, but I wanted my first to be a girl. While I was pregnant and before we found out the gender, I was convinced I was having a boy. And I won’t lie, I was a little upset because I didn’t know what I would do with a nursery, I wasn’t a fan of the baby clothes either. Truthfully, being an only child I only knew what I had growing up, not boy toys. A week before we found out we were having a girl I opened my mind up and started searching Pinterest for boy nursery ideas and I started finding outfits I thought were adorable.

The morning of our ultrasound appointment, I told A we were having a girl. I don’t know where the feeling came from but I knew it. Four hours later, I had the proof we were in fact having a princess. You can imagine my excitement and I went straight to Target and basically bought every dress and anything pink and purple they had.

Now that Little Miss is older, she’s at the age that I’ve been waiting for. Matching Mommy and Daughter outfits. Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons for wanting a girl. I wanted a mini me. I’ve had fun the last 8 months finding us outfits to be twins. From band shirts, Converse and Doc Martens. She may think I’m weird when she gets older, but that’s the fun of being a mom to a girl.

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How To Make A Mama Lose Her Mind.

Any mama’s,  hell not even mama’s, know those days, weeks, maybe months where everything feels like it’s falling apart and you’re about to put your head through a wall? Welcome to my life the past 3 weeks. 

Normally, I really try and find the good and remind myself we’ll get through anything, which we always do, and I know we’ll get through this. But it’s one thing after another. I’ve probably cried out my tears and now I’m at the point where I sit here and laugh at everything that keeps happening. 

From issues with our current apartment, making it unlivable to A being in Minnesota getting our house ready, I can only wonder what else can happen.

If you didn’t know already, we officially have to ok to rent the house we originally wanted in Minnesota, so we will definitely be moving this Fall! Exciting? Very! But not to be a Debbie Downer, but as soon as things started getting great with us planning to leave, everything fell apart. 

I guess the good in all of this is its just making us stronger in our marriage because we cannot fall apart. We are parents a day need to make sure our daughter is ok and has what she needs, which she does. No matter what is happening, Little Miss is first in both our eyes and we’ll never be in a situation where she’s not ok. The second bright side of everything, is that non of this is really out fault. 

We dealt with someone trying to sabotage A, knowing we’re leaving but wanted to make things more difficult. When in reality, it made things easier and less stressful. And as far as our apartment complex, this situation should have been dealt with weeks ago and now they have to deal with it now with a couple angry tenants. And will most likely have even more to deal with once we leave.

I never claim to have a perfect life, my life is far from it. I’m a normal mom, wife and person who has those days where I just want to scream. But what is that going to teach my daughter? Nothing good that’s for sure.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, I apologize for the lack of posts in the next couple of weeks. We’ve began packing and getting ready for our move. You can follow us on Instagram to keep up with what we’re doing- @Momandthefairytales 


Mom Tales

She Ate What??

I’m going to go ahead and assume every mom in the history of moms has had their toddler swallowed a foreign object at some point in their parenting careers. I knew it would happen to me at some point, but a little part of me thought it wouldn’t. 

Little Miss is so good at handing me stuff she finds, seriously she can find all the Bobby pins I thought were gone forever. Until yesterday.

Little Miss is in a stage where she doesn’t like pony tails or anything on her head. I put her down for her nap, with pig tails in not really worried about anything, and within an hour I heard her coughing hard. 

Ran into her room and noticed she had thrown up a little and she was missing a pig tail. Of course, after taking off her vomit filled dress, I started searching frantically for the missing hair tie. With no luck.

I called her doctor, which of course was closed at this time and the answering service sent a message to the on call doctor to call me back. In the mean time, Google and asking Facebook was my last resort. If she did really swallow it would it get stuck in her? Hello, first time mom freak outs. Luckily I have some wonderful mom friends who ensured me if she did swallow it and wasn’t acting funny it would come out the other end, eventually.

Fast forward to this afternoon, by the way I never even got a phone call back from her doctor so I’m not to happy with that office right now, and she had a little surprise for her diaper.

So yes Little Miss, you swallowed your first foreign object, and I will tell this story to everyone for the next 18 years.


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Remind Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them.

I’m going to be a little serious on this post and it’s a hard topic to talk about but I feel it’s important to remind everyone to tell your loved ones you love them.

I won’t be saying names or giving details for privacy reasons.

Almost a year ago, I almost lost someone very close to me and who has a huge place in my heart. This person was going through an incredibly hard time and was ready to say goodbye and end their life. Thankfully, they had called someone before getting completely set on leaving.

That phone call was by far the scariest call I have ever gotten. I was at a complete lost and didn’t know what to do or even why this was happening. 

No matter how hard I tried to understand, I couldn’t. I thought of every good thing possible this person had in their life, and how the bad could over take that good. 

Because of that phone call, this person was able to get the help they needed and we finally started to understand there was a lot more under the surface then anyone could understand. 

I’ve always told my loved ones that I loved them, and now I make the extra effort to remind them daily. I live each day not letting little things get to me, not starting arguments over something stupid, and not being that person who has an attitude all day. Yes if you know me, you know I have quite the attitude, but it’s not worth it. 

I’ve lost a few people in my life from suicide. I always thought it was such a selfish move and even had anger towards those people. I also, didn’t know the hurt that was going on with those people. If I would have lost this person a year ago without knowing what was really going on, I would have been just as angry as I would have been hurt. My whole life would have been completely upside down and I can’t even imagine how life would be right now if they weren’t with us now.

The whole point of this post is to remind you that you don’t know what battles someone is dealing with and to not let it get to the point where it’s too late. Don’t assume someone is ok if they say they are, if you have that feeling then talk to them. 

Asking someone what’s going on and really listening to them could change alot. Have a real conversation. Put the damn phone down and just listen. I’m not saying everyone who is sad is thinking about ending their life. I’m not saying that at all. Just remind them how much you love them and how glad you are to have them in your life.

If you yourself have thoughts of suicide, please please call someone, even the suicide hotline. There is nothing that bad in life to end your life. No matter how bad things seem or if it seems like nothing will ever get better, it does. One of my favorite quotes that I found last year that helped me and the people in my life get through this is ” The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.” 

Your rainbow is there, survive your storm.


Mom Tales

Toddler Learning Activities.

Seeing Little Miss learn and grow is one of the coolest things to me. Each time she picks up her spoon and feeds her self, when she knows she’s thirsty and walks over to pick up her cup, and even when she helps me fold laundry. And by help, I mean handing me a piece of clothing and watches me fold it.

We spend alot of our time during the day playing but she’s also learning new things each day. Her new favorite fun activity is putting coins in her piggy bank. Not only does she enjoy the sound of a nickel falling in, Lucy from Charlie Brown anyone? She also is getting more familiar with holding smaller objects and figuring out how to get it to fall into her bank. And as a bonus, not putting any coins in her mouth.

Another favorite of hers is when she gets to play with mommy’s iPad. This only happens a couple times a week because I don’t want her only source of learning and play time to come from a screen. I have a Fisher price app that plays music while teaching shapes, colors and numbers.

With all of the toys, Little Miss still prefers books and songs over playing with them. She doesn’t ignore all of her toys, but if you were to place a toy and a book in front of her 9 out of 10 times she would pick the book. Each book she brings to us we always ask where a character is for her to point to us, or where the animal is. She’s a pro at pointing out the penguin for us! 


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Enough Mom Shaming.

If you’re friends with me on my personal Facebook page or Instagram, or even know me personally, you’ll know being a stay at home is a blessing for me. I did go back to work for a few months part time and it was incredibly hard being away from Little Miss and truthfully it was exhausting. Getting up at 6 working til 1 and then being mommy again and doing that Monday-Friday.

Don’t get me wrong working moms, I don’t know how you do it. Maybe your kids are older and they’re in school so your working schedule makes life easier.

But for the ones who sit there and say stay home moms aren’t real mom’s and don’t contribute to their homes or marriage need to take a step back. You may be a working mom, but you’ve been home with your toddlers and don’t even say it was easy. 

As a stay home mom, I find myself worrying about what I’m going to feed Little Miss that day. That’s 3 meals plus snacks I have to come up with. And if you’ve had or have a toddler who decides they love grapes one day but hate them the next, you know how stressful eating time can be. 

Eating time isn’t the only thing that can be stressful. How do you entertain a toddler 7 days a week?  What if they get bored? It’s not like you can ask them what they want to do. Yes it’s fun to be able to go to the zoo during the week, and my personal favorite is a rainy day with movies and forts. But it’s not like we can do that everyday, how quick do they get bored with that? 

So, I stay home all day, maybe do laundry, maybe the dishes. Yea no, I do laundry 4 days a week. And when I say do laundry,  it’s washed, dried, folded and put away. No piles left on the floor, table or in basket. I never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Theres no toys all over the floors when I go to bed. But I’m a stay home mom, I don’t do anything right? 

Ok, so let’s talk about being a stay home mom is a 24/7 job with no paycheck. My goodness do I miss making my own money. My husband works 60 plus hours a week, misses alot of the firsts for our daughter, pays for every single bill and still finds a way to let me go out and buy things I want or need. And guess what, never have I ever once heard him complain about it. And believe me I’ve asked him because I was very much willing to find work to not have so much pressure on his shoulders. In his line of work, he is not guaranteed a paycheck nor a set amount of money each week. He makes money when we works. 

The time he does get with our daughter is even more special. All the hard work he does for me and Little Miss is so she can have the best life and be taught what hard work is and how to have an excellent work ethic.

Me not working also means not having to put our daughter in daycare. Between how expensive it is and how often kids get sick, it’s not worth her being there.

Believe me, I have my moments where I wish I was a working mom and get to drive to work and listen to the radio and not playing the Doc Mcstuffins soundtrack on repeat. I wish I could have my breakfast and not have a toddler running up to me to get a bite. I also know because I don’t work and I’m lucky to be able to be with her everyday, I don’t miss anything. I’ve seen her first time rolling over, crawling, standing up and walking. 

There will always be sides on why being a working mom is better or why being a stay home mom is better. Guess what, neither of them is better. In the end we’re all moms. We’re all raising our kids to be good people. So stop the mom shaming. You’re not better than another mom. Sitting there and listing why and how your life is just so “perfect” is all bullshit. And you know it.

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A Day of Milestones.

Today is a day full of Milestones! Little Miss is 15 months old today! I’m definitely that mom who still gets excited when their child is officially a month older, I don’t do the photos though. Too much. 

Mom and the Fairytales is officially a year old today too! I’ve already done my 1 year thank you post so check the previous blog for what I have in mind for Mom and the Fairytales in the furture.

And now my favorite milestone of the day, Little Miss is officially off bottles! We’ve made the transition to only sippy cups and surprisingly it was easier than I had thought it would be. She’s been using sippy cups for a couple of months now, but only for water and juice. I would only give her milk with a bottle. I wasn’t planning on putting her on cups only this soon, especially since she’s in a phase where she doesn’t eat anything and throws her food.

However, I had to become the ” tough love” mom quickly and stick with the ” if you don’t eat what’s in front of you, you don’t eat” . Seriously,  I didn’t want her to starve, but she had to learn. After doing that for two meals, she finally eats what’s given to her. I did the same with her sippy cups. She didn’t want to drink her milk like she usually does, it didn’t get put into a bottle and it sat on the table til she knew she had no choice. 

With how easy it’s been with Little Miss from changing from cereal to baby food to solids and now from a bottle to a sippy cup, I’m actually scared for when it comes times to potty train. 


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Happy 1st Year, Mom and the Fairytales!

This week, my blog turns a whole year old! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited! If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know how exciting this is for me considering this was my second attempt at blogging and also my way of escaping reality, having something for Little Miss to read when she gets older, and just doing something that’s for me.

I currently have plans on making Mom and the Fairytales bigger and better and I hope you’ll continue to follow our story and all the fun we have. 

I’m going to be resharing a few of my post popular blog posts this week that wouldn’t be popular if it wasn’t for all of you taking the time to read them. So thank you!

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A Mama Needs To Relax Too.

As a stay home mama, I find it hard to make sure I’m doing things for myself. My jobs starts the minute Little Miss wakes up to the time I go to bed. Did you notice I said when I go to bed, not her? I spend the hours after Little Miss is asleep loading the dishwasher,putting bottles away, feeding the cars, picking up toys, etc.

So when and what do I get to do to relax and have some me time, without being that mom who pawns their kids off on the grandparents?

  1. PLANNERS. I have a Mom’s Busy Desk planner that allows me to schedule in things for myself, the family, bills, appointments, everything really. It’s my own way of escaping and knowing I’m still being organized and can look ahead at the upcoming week and what we’re going to be doing and what fun places and things we’re going to be doing. I also use our chalkboard calendar for the month. While these are just simple things,being able the have my own organizing system is a huge way to keep me relaxed and not stressed. Do you really think I want to get a call saying we missed a doctor’s appointment?
  2. READING. I’m just a book nerd. I kick myself now that I didn’t take advantage of reading before, during or after I was pregnant. Now I’m begging Little Miss to take a nap so I can read a chapter or two of the last Harry Potter book. I’m also kicking myself for taking so long to become a Potter-Head.
  3. SHOPPING. Naturally. With the age Little Miss is, she’s not allowed to come to Target with me. Which means when I know we’re running low on diapers, I have to make sure A will be home for me to do a Target run that morning. Because you know I’m not leaving with just diapers. It’s Target. The mall is also a way for this mama to relax even with bringing Little Miss, she loves being in her stroller and people watching so it’s our own little adventure, while getting out of the house and having a couple hours of retail therapy.
  4. BUCKET LIST. Oh how I love my bucket list, actually it’s a Harry Potter journal that I write down everything I want to do, and highlight when I actually do it. I love to look at it each night and see if there’s anything I can cross off, or even that we can do within that week. Not going to lie, I have done something and added it to my list and highlighted right away. It’s your bucket list, do it however you want. Have fun and live.
  5. STICKY GOALS. I absolutely love sticky goals. I was taught this during mentoring. It’s a goal hitting system each month and using sticky posts make it fun and colorful. It’s even more fun to take that sticky post down because you did something you wanted to do this month. It also is another way to know I’m doing things for myself.
  6. NETFLIX AND CHILL. Literally. Nothing wrong with binge watching a show or finally seeing that movie you’ve been wanting to see since before it come out in theaters. It may take me months longer to binge watch a series, but I still enjoy watching a few episodes of 90210 after Little Miss is asleep.

So, while I would love to be able to say my ways of relaxing are having massages and getting my nails done every week, its not. It’s my own way of making sure life doesn’t get away from me. It’s also a way to escape mom life for that hour and a half Little Miss is napping.


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The Yankees Littlest Good Luck Charm.

Last night, Little Miss went to her first Yankees game at U.S. Cellular against the White Sox. Of course me and her wore our Yankees gear, while her daddy cheered on the home team.

Unfortunately, Little Miss had other plans and definitely did not want to sit through a baseball game. But what can you expect from a 14 month old? New place, new people, of course she wanted to run and explore. 

We made the best of what we could, hot dogs for Little Miss and Daddy-o, beer for mama. As bummed as I was to have to leave after the 1st inning, we had a fun time, pictures to show her when she gets older and now we know to wait a couple years before her next game. 

Plus the Yankees won 9-0. I’ll go ahead and assume Little Miss was their good luck charm.