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Perfect Zoo Day.

I normally never make a blog post about our zoo days since we go so much, and Little Miss knows which way to go when we get there and knows we’re going to see the animals. We haven’t actually gone to the zoo for a few weeks, between everything going on and it’s been so hot. 

Today ended up being the absolute most perfect day to visit the zoo though. I forgot most kids are back in school so it’s was basically empty, which meant Little Miss got to run around. The weather was perfect for us, not to hot and not to cold but a perfect amount of sun. 

For the first time, every animal was out and awake for us to see! 

We always start with the big cats, who are normally sleeping by the viewing window. They were all up and walking and even came right up to the window so we could see their giant paws.

And we made sure to say hello to a few other cats in the area.

The seals and sea lions put on a show for us during feeding time and showed us how they played and talked too.

We made our way to see the goats in the petting zoo, where Little Miss brushed every single one and made an extra friend with Tango the Goat.

Our day finished with seeing the crocodiles, polar bear and of course the penguins.

I doubt our day at the zoo could have been any better, unless we we’re able to pet the penguins. 

As summer comes to an end, I look back and see how much fun Little Miss got to have this year since last year she was a newborn and didn’t understand what or where we were. I cannot wait to see how much fun she has next summer and makes friends at the Minnesota Zoo.


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Getting Through Our Storm

The greatest thing I can thank my husband for, is teaching me how to stay positive and know things will always work out and we’ll get through anything. 

These past two months have been by far the hardest months of our life. I’ve kept quiet about alot. Friends slowly disappeared at the time we needed friends the most. Minus a select few, we have come to realize we have the greatest support system between us and those who stuck by us. 

We’ve been dreaming about living in Minnesota for months, when two house deals fall through, you start to lose hope but when moving is the only way we are going to get our lives back to normal, you can’t lose hope. Of course, trying to find a new home out of state it’s only natural something happens in our current house. I can’t go into details due to a bigger issue happening but let’s just say the place I called home for years and enjoyed living in has turned into hell and a depression having to be here. Our current apartment has gotten to the point where we cannot wait to leave, and I booked a flight to Minnesota spur of the moment to get away from it. Did we have the money to do it? No. Was it the best thing to do to get away from this hell? Yes.

Coming back from Minnesota last week was even more depressing finding out the house we were so sure of was a no go because of a ridiculously greedy realtor. At that point I lost all hope and didn’t know what we were going to do. 

A came through like he always does. He made things work and happen almost over night. Today I woke up to a message that we were approved for a gorgeous home, better than the first two, and it’s ours. I can’t remember the last time we had such good news and can finally see the clouds parting and our rainbow is coming. 

Bless Little Miss for being such a good toddler these last two months. From our apartment being turned upside down, knowing that mama wasn’t being her usual self, but she’s a champ. All of the struggle is for her. A has given her a chance to have an amazing childhood in Minnesota and now it’s finally turning into reality. 

Feeling like people could care less if we’re leaving is a very hurtful feeling, but it doesn’t matter. These two months were eye openers on who supports us and who probably thought we were full of shit on if we were really leaving or not. 

Minnesota bound this Fall. 

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Bristol Renaissance Faire Day.

One of my favorite summer time adventures is going to the Renaissance Faire. I actually hadn’t gone since high school but I’ve been wanting to go, and even more take Little Miss. 

It’s so much bigger than I remember and not a whole lot for a toddler Little Miss’ age to do, but there was plenty to see! Aside from the rides for the older kids, there is an entire ” kid kingdom” play area. We ended up finding a petting zoo, so naturally that was our first stop. 

I really don’t think we even got to see everything they had because it’s such a big place and there’s so much to see. Literally everywhere you look, there’s something going on. And the people. Most of the time I couldn’t tell who worked there and who was there that came dressed up. People really get into it. And it’s absolutely amazing to see the costumes and how magical the Renaissance Faire can be. 

We had to join in and get a flower crown. 

There’s something for everyone, kids and adults. From the different shows the performers put on, the food, drinks, and shops. You could spend an entire day there and feel like you’re in a completely different world. For Little Miss not being able to really run around and it ended up getting a little hot for her, she still had fun. I definitely recommend going during the season. This will definitely be on our summer to do list every year. 

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Out Little Book Worm.

Little Miss absolutely loves books. If we could, she would make us read to her all day everyday. Instead, she hands us a book every chance she gets. Doesn’t matter who it is, she will bring a book and sit herself right down in someone’s lap and wait for the story to start.

What’s even more exciting to me about her love of books, is that she definitely got that from me. I read all the time when I was a kid, even now when I find the time. I’ll pick a good book over a night at the bar anytime. 

Her daddy’s bank account appreciates it too. Any chance I get I hit up the local resale shops and raid the children’s books. I think it’s more exciting for myself because I always find books I had when I was a kid and I remember how much I enjoyed them. Little Miss has about 4 baskets of board books, plus a bookshelf of big girl books, paper pages and toddlers do not mix. But here’s a few of her favorites..that mama and daddy have memorized word for word because of how much she insists on reading them. 

Moo, Baa, La La La- Sandra Boynton

Full of animal noises that she uses when we go to the zoo.

Olaf Welcomes Spring. 

One of her favorites, clearly by how worn in it is. A fun touch and feel and teaches about Spring.


” Olivia gives her mother a kiss back and says, “I love you anyway too.” ”

Good Night, Baby Donald.

Our bedtime book. 

What’s your toddlers favorite book?


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Quality Over Quantity. 

They say you really know who your true friends are when you’re really in need of a friend. Whose been there for you in your darkest times? Or who is just there when you’re the last person they text because their bored? If a friend can’t take the time to see how you’re doing, especially when you know they’re on their phone non-stop, are they really a friend? 

I try to keep my business off social media, minus whatever me and Little Miss are doing because truthfully I don’t need an audience to see if I’m going to break. I don’t over brag on how blessed and lucky I am. Once in a while I’ll post that yes I am blessed with my little family, but I don’t need to go into huge long status’ to explain it. If you’re really my friend, you know how much I enjoy my life, even when it does get hard. 

I recently decided to pull myself away from a handful of people who I had once thought would be people I could turn to for anything. That feeling started to change a few months ago and that’s ok. You don’t have to be friends with every single person you meet. However, you cannot claim one thing and be another. Don’t claim to be a friend if you don’t make the effort especially after months of having my effort put to you.

I can count on one hand of who I truly consider a real friend. If you would have asked me 4 years ago, it would have been two hands. People grow apart. Should I feel bad I decided to not invite some of those people to mine and A’s going away party? Absolutely not. Should I feel guilty that I went on a Facebook unfriend binge? Not at all. 

Social media shouldn’t define you, your real friends will still be there and upstand why you unfriended so many of your mutual friends. Why should you feel like you need to be friends with anyone you really haven’t even gotten to know? Because you have mutual friends? That’s silly. Because you knew them in high school and have only seen them once since then? That’s sillier.

I feel like there’s people out there who “collect” Facebook friends just to get the extra likes ok a photo, or even worse and annoying, to try to sell you whatever it is they claim to make so much money selling. Stop. Seriously. 

Is it hard to know someone you considered your best friend now ignores you for some unknown reason? Absolutely. Am I crying over it? Not at all. That was their choice. We’re all adults here, some more than others. 

I refuse to let others make me question if I’m a good friend or not. I’m a wife, a mother and a daughter first. There’s a reason I can count my real friends on one hand. Those people get it and don’t question my friendship. They know I’ll always answer their call. They know I’ll always be there if they need me. They know if they want to hang out they get to hang out with me and Little Miss unless we plan something ahead of time for me to get a babysitter. 

I’m not at all saying in order to be friends you have to hang out all the time. I have alot of friends I haven’t seen from years, but I enjoy seeing pictures of their kids as they’re growing up and seeing how incredibly happy they are. Would it be nice to see more of these friends a little more than twice a year? Of course! But life happens and luckily Facebook makes it easy to see how good that long distance friend is doing. 

You don’t lose friends, you just learn who your real friends are.

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Hello August!

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t be more excited we’re another month closer to Fall!! Seriously, where’s all the pumpkin spice everything? 

I’m changing things up a bit for myself this month. Starting with how I’m going to keep myself on track and organized. I’m over that post it note system. I’m utilizing my mom planner even more and I’m thinking about getting one of those crazy planners to decorate and have fun with. At the end of the day, why was I using post its to remind myself I have to clean something or go on an adventure with Little Miss? I do those things daily. 

With our big move coming up, I’ve been filling out my bucket list journal of things to do and places to go with Little Miss. We went on our first trip to the zoo for August today and it was empty! Little Miss got to run through the entire zoo and point out the animals to me, she knows her directions and where to find the penguins.

With A being gone, this month is all about making sure Little Miss doesn’t freak out about our stuff being packed up and making sure A and I have our date nights. 

Plus plan our going away party. 


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Ball Factory Fun. 

With A traveling so much these days it’s hard to have real quality family time. Luckily we had two days with him this week and since our Monday was packed dealing with a few issues going on, we took advantage of Tuesday and do something new and fun with Little Miss. 

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the Ball Factory, an indoor playground for toddlers and kids. Truthfully, I was a little disappointed with how small the place was, and there wasn’t even ball pits to play in. There was a 4 and under play area that was great for her and her little friend to play in though. Lots of toys and climb-able blocks and slides. There was even a little jungle gym area for her to climb up and running through and a slide for her. 

The Ball Factory does has a big kid area, which is still fun because we were allowed to go through it with her and go down the big kid slide. 

My tiny issue with this besides how small it actually is, is that how some kids act in there. I had to ask numerous kids to not push her or try to run past her while she was trying to go up the padded ladders. At one point, in the toddler section a little boy decided to look at her and just push her. Of course, his mother was standing right there talking on her phone. Seriously, moms, babysitters, dad’s whoever- if you’re going to bring kids to a playplace get off your phone and watch them..or even better play with them. If your phone call is that important, give your kid a snack while you finish your call.

Little Miss still had an awesome time climbing and jumping and going down the slide more times than I can count, and we’ll definitely have to make a trip back before we make our move in a couple of months.