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Fall Style

Sweaters,leggings,boots and hats! Oh my! 

I couldn’t be more excited that I just packed up our summer clothes and went on a Fall shopping spree for Little Miss and I. Targets new line for toddlers, Cat and Jack, is my favorite brands to buy for her. The material is durable and the designs are even cuter! 

Of course,  Doc Martens are a Fall essential. For both of us. 

As for mama, my Fall essentials include a beanie, a flannel and my new leather jacket from my baby daddy. 

What’s your favorite Fall essentials?

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Set Backs Aren’t Really Set Backs.

After the last two weeks, I can either see everything as a giant set back or look at it as a way of our path becoming more clear. 

I’ve had more downs than I can count, I feel like I’ve been failing as a mom because it’s our favorite time of the year and I haven’t done anything fun with Little Miss. Instead, I’ve spent two weeks packing, loading a moving truck, battling vertigo, and moving back in with my parents and trying to make life as normal for Little Miss and my cats as possible. Yes, for those who don’t know or for those who like to watch our every move to see how quick things will fall apart for us ( oh yes, I know who you are) , because of our previous situation we made the choice to have myself and Little Miss stay with my parents while A works up in Minnesota til our house is ready. Did I mention the lease is signed and we’re ready to buy new furniture? 

But for the time being, my parents were wonderful enough to let us take over their place and help us out til our one way ticket to Minnesota is ready to be used. Countdown begin. 

The Fall season isn’t a total loss for us though. Little Miss has picked out her Halloween costume already and she is so excited to put it on for trick or treating. We also have a date set for the pumpkin patch and this year she gets to help gut a pumpkin, and get to enjoy to fun activities at the pumpkin patch. 

Before loading up our stuff to be sent up to Minnesota, I pulled out our Halloween movies to binge watch on rainy days. 

Just like every mama, we need some “me time” and I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend my “me time” in Philadelphia for a weekend later this month. Seriously, what kind of husband let’s his wife go to Philadelphia…for a Harry Potter festival? The coolest one ever, mine.

Over the summer we had thought we would have been out in Minnesota by now, but I can clearly see why things happened the way they did. Why our moving date was set back an extra month, why our apartment turned into a total mess to deal with, why I never see my husband. It’s all to let us have our dream home as a family. 

We don’t have set backs, we have life pauses because something is being planned for the better.


Family Tales


I just realized since I’ve been blogging I’ve never actually shared my transplant the story. I know last year I shared Little Miss’ first PKD walk story but I never actually shared my story on why we walk for PKD.

PKD is a genetic disease that runs in my family and has taken many family members from us. There is no cure, besides living with having to do dialysis. It eventually leads to kindness failure. 

In 2012, I had gotten tested to see if I was a match for my uncle who was suffering from PKD and all the effects that come with it. In April that year, I was told I was a direct match to be a kidney donor for my uncle. 

I went through months of tests, blood work, doctor visits, everything to prepare myself to be a living donor. Did I mention I was getting married in June? 

My uncle had surgery in July, he had both of his kidneys removed. They were 16 pounds each and full of cysts. If you didn’t know, your kidney is supposed to be the size of your fist. 

I went in for my surgery at 5 am on September 20, 2012. This was the first time I had ever had any kind of surgery and I couldn’t believe how nerve wrecking it was. I can still remember getting the anesthesia and feeling how cold that table was. Before I knew it, I was being woken up and all I wanted was a popsicle. 

My surgeons told me that when they put my kidney into my uncles body it turned pink and started working quicker than they had ever seen a kidney do before.

My uncle is healthy today, he just welcomed his second grandchild two months ago, and I of course am healthy raising my daughter and getting ready for our move to Minnesota. 

Being a living donor is an incredible honor and even more so that I did it for my favorite uncle. 

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Learning With Boooooks,  Halloween edition. 

That time of the year is coming. Our sweaters are out and ready to be worn, our favorite Halloween movies are ready to be watched,  pumpkins keep popping up in random places in our house, and this year we’ve added a new tradition to the Halloween season. Halloween books of course. 

With how much Little Miss loves books, I find myself always checking the kid section at Target for a new book atleast twice a week. To my surprise, there’s so many Halloween books for all ages out already. We started visiting our local Barnes and Noble to get Little Miss’ library even bigger, and today we found an even larger Halloween section of toddler friendly books.

Our current favorite is It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse. Which is part of the If Give A Mouse A Cookie. This book is great for counting and facial expressions as Mouse has seven pumpkins he has to paint faces on. 

We can never go wrong with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book either. We found this Haunted Clubhouse book today and we’ve read it about 6 times just before dinner.

Little Cat is part of a great puppet book series that makes reading more interactive as your toddler turns the page because the books comes to life. Little Cat isn’t necessarily a ” halloween” book, but it’s a black cat so of course we added it to our holiday collection.

What’s your favorite book to read during the Halloween season? By yourself or with your Littles, tell me!