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Pumpkin Patch Princess.

Sunday I was up at 2 am, flew home, got Little Miss ready, said hi and bye to A, and headed to a new pumpkin patch. Little Miss and I had a date with her aunt Caitlin. Neither of us had been to this pumpkin patch but we were super excited because of all the attractions, including feeding giraffes and zebras. 

Being a weekend and absolutely gorgeous weather, we weren’t the only ones who had the idea to visit the pumpkin patch. Even so, it still didn’t stop us nor did it stop Little Miss from being completely amazed and excited to be exploring a new fun place.

I loved how big this pumpkin patch is compared to the first one we went to this year. There’s so much to see and do and a ton of picture oopportunities. 

We paid $14 to have access to the activities further in the patch, kids under 3 free. That included a cornbox, play areas, petting zoos, pig races, a pumpkin eating dinosaur, a corn maze and a wagon ride. Extra charge for a camel ride.

We spent most of of time feeding the animals of course. 

This pumpkin patch was our last one of the season, and the last one in Illinois that we’ll go to. I’m so glad we got to explore a new place and we spent the day with one of my oldest friends and the other half of Team Barbie . 

Wife Tales

Harry potter Festival..and New Jersey?

The only reason we took a spur of the moment trip the Philadelphia was because of the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival. Yes, my husband let me take a weekend off and go to the East Coast just for a Harry Potter fest. Seriously blessed that I married someone who understands that sometimes it’s ok to let my nerd out.

This was the 6th festival the town has done. It’s right in a college town, and we found out that the Chestnut Hill College is actually haunted! 

They turned the 10 block fest literally into Hogsmeade. All the ships were transformed into everything you can think of when it comes to the Harry Potter world. Butter beer was available, wands, tons of cosplay, and an entire schedule of different activities going on. At the top of the hill was a quidditch tournament. The opening ceremony included Dumbledore and a few professors and students, who informed is that there were 7 horocrux hidden within Hogsmeade. 

For it being a free one day festival, it was pretty magically amazing. I didn’t realize how few pictures I took. But being surrounded by everything and anything Harry Potter I was completely mesmerized. I highly recommend visiting Chestnut Hill for the festival at some point if you’re a Harry Potter fan. From just everything you can see, the food, the drinks, and of course the shopping. Do you it if you can. 

How does this have anything to do with New Jersey? We had the rest of the day open and decided to just drive to New Jersey to say we did. Aren’t you supposed to live it up on vacations? Ok so all we did was go to the mall, but that’s another state to cross off my bucket list. I told you, Bucket List Eliminator.

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Philly Take Over. 

This past weekend was the first time I had gone to Philadelphia and I’m so glad I did! We went to a Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, but since we had the day before free we took advantage of what Philadelphia had to offer. From the Liberty Bell, the Love Sign and running up the Rocky Stairs, this weekend was full of crossing off bucket list items.

We ended up finding a few hidden gems, not really hidden but I had no idea these attractions were in the Philadelphia area. These extra tourists spots included Benjamin Franklin’s grave and Edgar Allen Poe’s Historic site. 

Did I mention how beautiful Philadelphia is? Between the art, the history was especially the scenery this time. I’m  so glad I was able to to take a weekend for myself and see something new. 

There was still plenty we didn’t get a chance to see, but that just gives me a reason to go back. 

Check back later this week for my blog about the Harry Potter festival!

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Pumpkin Baking Princess.

In honor of it officially being the 13 Nights of Halloween countdown, and because I’m going away for a mom weekend, Little Miss got to help Papa bake a pumpkin cake. 

I’m usually a make it from scratch everything mom, but with everything going on the box cake is my best friend right now. 

Some of my favorite memories when I was a child was helping my dad in the kitchen, so watching Little Miss help my dad was heartwarming. Especially with us moving to Minnesota in 3 weeks. So even something small like having her sit on the counter and watch what he was doing was a wonderful memory for him. And of course a reason for a ton of pictures.

And now she has learned the best part of baking, is licking the spatula at the end.

Time to enjoy a night of Hocus Pocus and some pumpkin cake.

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Half Way To 2!

18 months ago, our princess made her entrance into the world. It’s been quite the adventure as a family, watching her grow, learn, and explore. What’s even more exciting about today is not only is she half way to her 2nd birthday, today is exactly one month til we move to Minnesota permanently. November 13th, at 19 months we’ll be on a plane with a one way ticket.

My favorite thing during her 1st year, was taking the monthly photos and giving a little update about her. I realized I haven’t done that in a while. So here’s a few updates on our Little Miss. 

She’s 31 pounds and 30 inches tall. Staying strong in the 95 percentile. Little Miss wears 2T clothes, even though they’re a little big she can still fit into 18 months. 

She has all of her teeth, and her two year old molars are starting to cut through. Her vocabulary is growing each day. Her favorite words to say (clearly too!) Include: apple, mama, Harry Potter, iPad, yes, M, daddy, duck, boo, and damn. Yes that was all mama’s fault. 

She is so incredibly helpful around the house too. She loves to open the refrigerator and get the milk for her cup. She brings us the laundry detergent when it’s laundry time and even helps us fold the clothes. She loves chasing her cats and then giving kisses when she finally catches them. Little Miss can also point to her eyes, ears, mouth, buns and chichis. She’ll even show you where her boogers are if you ask. Again, all me. Seriously I stay home all day, teaching her these things are bound to happen.

With how crazy the end of summer and early fall has been, she has been such a trooper and just going along with everything. I’m so excited to continue to watch her grow and even more excited to see her face when she sees our new house. 

Happy Half Birthday Little Miss. We love you mostest to infinity and beyond.

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Halloween Haunts.

We’re half way into October, and Little Miss and I have made it through a fantastic list of Halloween movies already. Last year I had made a list of must watch movies. Unfortunately, Little Miss was barely 6 months old so she watched anything. This year, its her picking out our movies. 

So here’s our must watch list.

Hocus Pocus. Naturally. Little Miss thinks that Binx is her cat Toodles and dances to I Put A Spell On You. Proud mama over here.

Harry Potter. Ok so we watch this all year long, but when Little Miss says ” Arry Pot”, of course I’m putting Harry Potter on.

Disney Jr. Halloween specials. Every October, Disney Jr has new Halloween episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc Mcstuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
The Adventures of Ichabod Crane. I grew up watching this Disney cartoon on VHS, so when I found it on Blu-ray I couldn’t pass it up. Little Miss seems to enjoy the music and the dogs in this, but it’s a fun flashback to see her watching it and remind myself of my childhood. 

Disney’s Monster Bash. I have yet to find this blu-ray, but my dad has my old VHS. This one is even cooler to me because she’s actually watching the same tape I used to watch. 

Nightmare Before Christmas, of course. This is on repeat from Oct0ber-December. Little Miss loved this last year for the colors and songs, this year she stands and dances to “What’s This?”

Disney’s House of Villains. Thanks Netflix. An hour long episode with tons of cartoon shorts including my favorite Donald Duck Halloween short.

It’s funny, before Little Miss was here I had pages of Halloween movies I would watch. The original Halloween, Rob Zombie Movies, Edward Scissors ands, even Halloween Town. I had my entire October planned, and now I can’t seem to find the time to watch some of my favorites because we watch the above movies. But who says you can only watch Halloween movies during Halloween? 

** All images were found on Pinterest.

Wife Tales

Date Night,Fall Fashion, Wedding Fun.

Seriously, what could be more fun than a date night in a fun Fall outfit and boots while celebrating two good friends saying “I do.”? Did I mention the amazingly awesome band that played the wedding, with a special guest artist..the singer from Survivor, the writer of Eye of the Tiger, Jim Peterik??

Yes, you can bet I totally fan-girled and couldn’t believe it was actually the singer from Survivor. And of course he had to know that on my trip to Philadelphia in a week, I’ll be running up the Rocky Stairs.

I was so excited for A to come home this wedding, and even more excited for his outfit. Serious stud.

As I channeled my inner Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

While it’s been stressful waiting for our move to Minnesota, this was a perfect night to get out and have some fun and enjoy a night off. 

Congrats to Lauren and Jared! We’re so incredibly happy for you both! 

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1st Pumpkin Patch of the Season.

After an incredibly scary and stressful Monday night/ Tuesday morning. We decided to spend the morning at the pumpkin patch. With A coming home this weekend, we had to stock up on pumpkins for carving and roasting seeds. Considering it’s the only chance we’re going to have as a family to do anything Halloween related. 

I took Little Miss to Sonny Acres Pumpkin Farm in West Chicago. My parents used to take me there when I was a kid, and it’s the first pumpkin patch Little Miss had gone to last year. Since she was only 6 months old last year, she didn’t understand any of it. She’s finally at an age where she can run around and explore so no stroller needed for this adventure, happy mama dance here. 

Her curiosity so in full effect and she made sure to point out all the pumpkins she saw. 

What’s great about this pumpkin patch is that there’s no admission fee. There’s tons to do and see just walking around including mini corn mazes, wooden cutouts and tons of great photo opportunities. Unfortunately Little Miss doesn’t like to sit and pose for pictures so most of today was candid walking photos.

There’s also a feeding area feed goats, sheep’s, lamas and chickens. Of course, this was our first stop and we had to feed everyone there.

There’s a little kiddie carnival area where you can purchase tickets and let your Littles burn some energy. We did the Pumpkin Spinners, the pony ride, and the giant slide..twice.

After almost two hours of running and sliding, asking Little Miss if she was ready to pick her pumpkins to bring home was easier than I thought. Just like Mama, she had to find the biggest one they had. 

4 pumpkins, a bag of apples, and a pumpkin coloring book later we were on our way back. Her mini pumpkins have been carried around everywhere by her since we’ve gotten home and we’re so excited to carve, paint and roast seeds this weekend with daddy!