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Santa at the Mall of America.

Since it’s Tuesday, it’s Family Day. And what better way to spend our afternoon than going to visit Santa at the Mall of America. 

This was by far the coolest mall Santa to visit. Normally with the mall Santa’s you stand in line they take one photo and you pay for a picture or two. This Santa has you walk through Santa Land and before you can visit, you have to put a coin in the Naughty or Nice machine and it’ll tell if you’ve been good or bad. our elf, Eggnog, greeted us and showed us the way and gave a little cheer when London’s coin showed her on the nice list. Mom begs to differ a little bit, but for the most part she should be on the nice list. 

Once we got to Santa sitting on his big chair, the photographer went to town taking photos, which again shocked me because I’m not used to having candid photos taken, but those always end up being the best photos to see!

London wasn’t too thrilled to say the least. She doesn’t understand who or what Santa is, but she made sure to hold on to her Nice coin so that he knew to bring her the Minnie Mouse kitchen she keeps pointing to at Target. 

We ended up getting 7 different photos with the package we took. which included 5×7, 4×6, a snow globe, a key chain and a magnet. 

After our visit to Santa we ran into another North Pole friend.

After a lap around the first floor of the mall, it’s safe to say London is down for a nap and has visited Santa twice this year. 

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Thanksgiving 2016.

As I’m making dinner tonight, I realize tomorrow is not just Thanksgiving. It’s the first Thanksgiving in 28 years that I won’t be celebrating with my parents. It’s a bittersweet feeling though. With everything we, Arthur and myself, have gone through this year, I can’t help but be excited that I get him and London all to myself this holiday. 

Notice anything about that paragraph? 
Currently, our home isn’t fully complete but it’s ours. In the words of Ron Weasley, ” It isn’t much, but it’s home.”

I’m making the best of this holiday season as far as decorating and doing as many holiday bucket list items as I can, being as we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Chicago, and we’ll be in Disney World in a couple of weeks. Our Elf, Howard has already made his presence known. London hasn’t noticed but she does have a new favorite cartoon being Elf on the Shelf. We’ve also already put up our tree and stockings. We’ll be decorating the tree tomorrow afternoon before dinner with London, while we watch a few of our favorite cartoons and completing our night by reading Elf on the Shelf.

We have so much to be thankful for, not just tomorrow, everyday of the year. However, I can’t help but to be even more thankful for those who’ve been there for my family and I these last couple of months. The ones who rooted us on from the moment we announced we were making the move 300 plus miles away to Minnesota. 

Since it’s Thanksgiving eve, London and mine new tradition includes watching Charlie Browns Thanksgiving, tracing our hands to make turkeys, and looking at the lights on the tree.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Welcome To Minnesota..

So we’ve been residents of Minnesota for almost a week and it has been by far the most crazy week ever. First, let me start by saying when A picked Little Miss and I up from the airport it didn’t even feel like we were home. It really just felt like we were on another vacation. Except this time I knew most of the streets and highways and we weren’t going to a hotel. We were going to our new house. I hadn’t seen the house minus pictures and walkthrough, A  had made and posted on my Facebook, which got a bunch of laughs from people.

Pulling in to our garage was a very exciting moment of my life. It sounds silly, but I’ve never had a garage. I’ve never lived in a house in fact. Finally being able to see where we’re going to be living was a very surreal moment. I couldn’t have been happier or more proud of A for working as hard as he does and finding this beautiful house we get to call home.

It’s been quite the adjustment for all of us. Not only to get used to living together as a family again, but for Little Miss to get back her normal routine. I was expecting this to be a difficult transition for her truthfully. Nope, completely the opposite, thrown for a loop once again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy and full of energy before. And that’s saying a lot, because all she is, is happy and energetic, but it’s like a whole different toddler here.

We also arrived just in time to be able to help A rake up the backyard. Kind of wish we came a few days later. That was alot of leaves.

So between trying to unpack, did I mention we don’t have furniture yet? It’s just part of the new adventure, but can I complain? No. Is my Christmas tree up because I needed to keep busy one night? Yes. Anyways, trying to unpack, organize what I can, seriously we have too much room, be mom, I ended up in the emergency room Tuesday night. Yes, less than a week and already have a Minnesota ER trip in the books. I’m good though..finally. But it put a damper on the unpacking schedule.

But that’s what this is about right? It’s our new life adventure, there’s no set schedule, there’s no right or wrong. It’s what we want, new traditions, new memories, as a family. Together.

I couldn’t be more excited to be posting my first blog post as a Minnesota resident. I’m currently in the process of putting my craft room together where I plan on completely revamping my blog and making it my own room to be as creative as I want to finally get my blogging where I want it.

We’ll be leaving for our Disney World vacation in less than 3 weeks. Between unpacking and trying to get settled in, flying between here and Chicago and also Orlando, my blog posts will be very minimal until after the holidays.

You can follow what we’re doing over on Instagram- @Momandthefairytales


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Visits to the North Pole.

Earlier this week, one of my closest friends and I took Little Miss to visit Santa. A little early yes, but with A being in town to pick up the last of our stuff before moving on Sunday it was a fun little adventure for us and to be able to get one more hang out with Little Miss’ aunt who makes the coolest t-shirts for her. 

This visit to Santa wasn’t the regular visit at the mall. Ok it was at the mall but it was a whole adventure to the North Pole and you needed a passport. It was a DreamWorks Adventure to the North Pole and it was totally worth the money.

You’re greeted by a few of Santa’s helpers who give you your passport. Your mission is to bring cookies to Santa in a rocket sleigh. But in order to drive the rocket sleigh, you need to have some practice. You get the practice by playing a game on a tablet that’s attached to the walls, that are also different heights so Littles of all sizes can play. 

The ride to the North Pole is the coolest thing ever. You actually sit in a sleigh in front of a big screen that wraps around the sides, throw in soundeffects and a mister, you are really riding a sleigh to the North Pole . 

Once you reach the North Pole, you make a greeting card in the Candy Cane Room while you wait to see the man in red. Your visit to Santa is in his office and it’s just you and your family, no screaming kids in line as a distraction. Little Miss was not having sitting on his lap so mama had to sit with her. There’s always next year to get a smiling Santa picture. 

Unfortunately , there was no pictures allowed inside, but the memories got soaked in even more. 

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Halloween 2016

Last year was exciting because it was Little Miss’ first Halloween and I made her costume.

But she was only 8 months old and didn’t understand the whole idea of Halloween. Throw in the freezing weather , last year sucked for trick or treating. 

So this year, because of being in between moving, I let her picking out her costume. Naturally, she picked out Minnie Mouse . 

We went to a few local businesses on Saturday for a trunk or treat and she loved it. She loved even more that everyone called her Minnie and handed her candy and stickers.

Fast forward to this morning, Minnie Mouse was no longer her costume because she refused to put it on. really, wanted nothing to do with it, except the ears. I really wasn’t going to be that mom to take her kid out to get free candy just wearing a pair of mouse ears. 

So, Target came to the rescue once again. Even more of a bonus that all costumes were 30% off. So new costume it was. 

This year was definitely alot more fun because I didn’t have to carry her, she ran free to each house and help her bag open and waved bye to ourge neighbors as they told her how adorable she looked.

Her 2nd Halloween success, here’s to next year! 
Happy Halloween!