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Hey Terrible Twos, Just Stop It.

My goodness, I never believed “Terrible Two’s” where a real thing. Honesty. I thought it was just some clever word play mom’s said. 

Let me just say, they’re real, and they start before two. We’ve had the lovely honor of dealing with London and her ridiculous terrible two’s attitude for quite some time now and all I can think of is that it’s just a phase and we’ll be dealing with another phase she’s in. So my adorable little baby will always be my little girl with the attitude of her mother. So with that, I say ” thanks Karma..”

I’ll admit, I thought I was going to be that mom who miraculously didn’t have a kid go through a terrible two phase, or maybe I just thought people exaggerate and that phase really isn’t that bad. Nope, no miracle and it really does suck. And no comments about how 3 is worse, I’ve heard it and I’m mentally preparing myself for it. 

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

That’s how I feel almost all day, let’s be honest, I say that all day because talking to London is the same as talking to someone whose not even in the room. Even though she’s standing right next to me. Her hearing works just fine, so this can’t be reasoned with bad hearing, she just ignores me. Cool, thanks London. Talking to a wall is one of my favorite past times. 

So if she’s allowed to ignore me, why can’t I ignore Her? Who says I can’t? Because I most certainly do ignore her sometimes. 

Now before you make that ” WTF kind of mom is she for ignoring her kid” face, when I say ignore, I’m talking about not getting into a screaming fest with her. There is absolutely no way to reason with a two year old. They don’t understand “let’s do this and then you can watch Mickey Mouse.” If she doesn’t want to do something as simple as change her diaper and wants to scream at the top of her lungs, guess what? I’m not going to stand and just watch her scream. I turn my back and continue with making dinner or cleaning up the kitchen. 

Now, again, before I find myself explaining myself to any mom shamers, we very much practice getting down at her level and talk through problems. It’s a little difficult when she can’t tell us why she’s upset, but being a parent is learning for yourself, and teaching your child how to communicate. While London is still learning her words and how to use them, her main way to communicate is actually showing us or pointing. Well how is she going to point at being upset or angry? She’s not, she’s going to scream. I do my best to try to avoid her getting to that point, but that’s sometimes impossible. 

Bribes. Bribes. Bribes.

Oh yes, I have no shame in admitting I bribe my kid. If she’s having a melt down in the car, I’ll bribe her with a binky; even though we don’t give them to her during the day anymore. I mean does anyone want to listen to a toddler screaming because she can’t see the airplane anymore? I sure as hell don’t, I want to listen to my music because it’s not the Hot Dog Dance song. 

Do I bribe her with being able to watch cartoons if she picks up her books from the living room? Absolutely. Why? Because I just spent half the day cleaning up after her and she needs to start learning how to pick up her stuff. 

The days are longer now, there’s no schedule anymore. Remember when I was that mom who tried to keep everything on a schedule? Yea that went out the window real quick. I find myself struggling each day to have enough to do to keep her busy and avoid the monster in my toddler coming out. Which is also why I make so many to do lists, bucket lists, and I spread out what we’re going to do during the week over a couple of days. 

At the end of the day though, I couldn’t imagine how boring our life would be if she wasn’t here. Those hard moments really being out our parenting survival skills, and believe it not everyone has the ability to survive their toddler. 

Even as I sit here and write this, and look over and see she just dumped a container of flash cards all over the hallway, all I can do is chuckle and say “oh well, I’ll clean it up later.”


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Beauty and the Beast Night.

Not only is Beauty and the Beast one of my favorite movies, so you can probably assume how excited I am that the new Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now. Unfortunately, London is too small to take to the movies and date nights are rare for Arthur and I. So I have yet to see it, so no spoilers please.

Instead, I decided to make a Beauty and the Beast night for us. 

Not only did we wear our Beauty and the Beast best, we had BATB table pieces. Our dinner was inspired by the film as well, but toddler friendly. Meaning, cresant roll hot dogs and cupcakes with the “grey stuff” 

With London being almost, less than 3 weeks, to being 2 years old, I decided to start making dinners a more fun part of the day. She knows that when dinner is over, it’s playtime for an hour, reading time then bed time. And no toddler wants to go to bed..atleast mine doesn’t. I don’t want her to be bummed out that dinner time means the end of our day.

So this was our first theme night dinner and I threw in the great of being able to watch the originally BATB cartoon before bed. I’ve already planned out more of our theme dinners and cannot wait to share them with you!

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Spring Bucket List.

Happy First Day of Spring! I couldn’t be more excited to officially be in the season of Spring, now I just need Mother Nature to get the memo and bring us the weather we’ve been waiting for. 

So until then, London and I have been brainstorming what we want to do this Spring, meaning she just says yes to everything I ask her. Instead of making a page on here of a bucketlist, I made this more kid friendly and I encourage you to do this with your littles for whatever season or reason you want to make a bucketlist. 

I’d also like to mention, I’m definitely not the artist of our family. 

We started our Spring bucketlist a few weeks ago and currently have it hanging on a wall in our family room. We put it up where we see it everyday and it’ll be easy to pick something off the list and just do it a day where weather is permitting. 

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Harry Potter Bathroom. 

Of all the times we’ve moved, and of all the different themed bathrooms, this is by far my most favorite ever. It was my way of having my own space that was decorated as my own. It took months of brainstorming, shopping, and bothering one of my very creative friends, but it’s finally finished. I guess for the most part, let’s be honest can you really ever be done decorating? 

9 3/4 is really a magically number. 

With the help of a friend, I was able to get great wall fillers, and also two pages from my favorite books were designed with a small detail from the Harry Potter festival in Philadelphia. 

It’s the little details I’ve put in the bathroom that make me love it more and more. Plus it makes getting ready for the day even more fun.

Even my daily makeup stays in a Harry Potter makeup bag.

Did you know Disney world has vents that make the entire park smell like a vacation? I love these Potter theme wax melts that were sent to me from my bestie as a Christmas gift.

And of course, no bathroom theme is complete without a shower curtain. This was the first piece of decor I purchased for my bathroom. For being from Amazon, it’s pretty amazing quality. 

Yes, I’m almost 30 and I’m completely in love with my bathroom because it’s been my one space that I was able to make my own. 

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Mama’s Inner Battle.

How many times do you catch yourself doing the dishes and turn around to see your living room looks like a toy bomb exploded? How many times did you clean up the living room mess to see now the playroom has been ransacked and the floor seems to have disappeared? I don’t know about you, but I never thought I would I would be that mom who bought toys and books all the time. Yup, I buy London toys and books multiple times a week and I go completely over board with holidays. First time mom here, of course I’m going to be spoiling her. And while toys don’t take the place of our love or learning, they’re great to have a variety of for the rainy or cold days. 

But my point of this whole post, I cannot be the only one who walks into a room and just shakes their head at the mess. I feel as though my days of a spotless and organized house are so far behind me that it would be weird if I was able to have more than one room organized. 

Even our bathroom isn’t safe from being taken over by books or toys.

And guess what, I don’t want a spotless and perfectly organized house. I love that London has free range of playing where she wants and pretty much doing what she wants. I feel awkward walking into a house that looks like a showroom, almost to scared to even sit down because I don’t want to leave a wrinkle in a couch. 

While about 70% of our house London friendly, meaning areas I find toys all the time, I still have my 30% that I can decorate and organize as I wish. 

If you would have asked me a year ago how I was keeping our apartment so clean and organized with a toddler my answer would have made you cry because I cried everyday trying to keep everything organized and “company ready.” I’m pretty sure anyone who comes over knows we have a toddler and is expecting some toys and mess, and would probably think it was weird if our house looked like it was just the two of us living there. 

I used to worry about what people would think if they came over or if they saw all the toys in the background of pictures. I have dishes in my sink right now, but it’s almost craft time with London. Dishes can wait. The laundry can be washed during nap time. As I’ve said before, you will not find amazing professional looking photos here, you will see and read very real everyday life happening. 

My house will never be fully cleaned, there’s always dishes and laundry and sometimes dust. My biggest inner battle was finding it in myself to be ok with a messy house and not everything is or will be organized. 

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Eating Local- D-Spot.

I LOVE wings. If probably eat wings everyday if London allowed me too. Back home my go to was always B-Dubs, can you say hello fried pickles?? So naturally when we moved to the Twin Cities I was asking questions I never thought I would have to ask; what do you mean I can’t buy beer on Sunday? Where am I supposed to get a slurpee from if there’s no 7-11? And most importantly, where can I find the best wings out here?

And then I was introduced to D-Spot in Oakdale right next to St. Paul. This hidden gem has an entire full page of wings you’d never thought possible. From sweet, to traditional, to so hot you need to eat the other hot wings to be allowed to eat the hottest wings on the menu.

Being able to buy in 6,7,8, or 12 or  it makes it easy to get through the flavors you’re dying to try. However, with so many choices it takes forever to decide what to get for lunch. 

Since its a new to me place, I’ve only tried a handful of flavors with the Black Widow and Chicken and Waffles being my favorite so far.

One of the great things about a new place, visiting or living, is finding the hidden gems around the area and finding some delicious wings. 

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Stop Dreaming, Start Living. 

If you’ve checked out my bucket list pages, you’ll see I have a lot under my travel list. I want to go everywhere and see everything. My one true regret in life is that I never took the opportunity to travel before starting my family. I mean I went places, but I have a feeling London will have gone to more places around the world by the time she’s 16 than I did by the time I turn 30. Which is good, it just means we’ll be seeing and experiencing things for the first time together. 

I’ve always loved the idea of planning to see a new place, getting on a plane and just going. My love for that started when I was 19 and went to Los Angeles, I had no idea how cheap it actually was to buy a plane ticket. But as I said before, I never took the advantage of it when I was younger or even when Arthur and I first got married.

Our first mini vacation was in 2010 to Cleveland for a weekend to visit one of his friends.I ended up getting sick the first day and slept most of the time. Real cool. Except we did go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. 

Our next vacation didn’t come til 2014 when we said screw it, let’s go on a honeymoon and we went to Disney World. By the time I had given myself enough time to research and know what to look for and how to get the best deals.

Which is also why we took London to Disney World last year. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t take her on vacation, our dreams to travel aren’t going to be put on hold because we have a toddler, if anything it’s more of a reason to travel. Disney fall trip coming in September 2018!

Now traveling with London is by far one of my most wanted mom goals. I want her to see where she went and we took her places, and we traveled as a family. She’s not even 2 and she’s been to five states already. She already has a good head start on me by the time I was 2. 

Arthur and I have decided we obviously didn’t go anywhere before becoming parents so we’re going to make it a point to take a vacation atleast every two years just the two of us. And our first destination will be London, England in June of 2018. 

I’ve never been out of the country and I’m already so excited to get started on the process of getting a passport, researching what to see, what to do, I want to soak up everything there is about the culture across the pond. And of course see all the Harry Potter locations.

So if you’ve been to London, tell me everything! Places to go, sights to see, places to eat, everything! If you haven’t, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

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Meet Sweetface Creations.

Mom and the Fairytales has been around for almost two years now. I started this as a way to document London’s childhood and the fun she’s had and also to hopefully inspire some mama’s along the way.  One day I hope to expend and own the name to continue blogging as London grows. I never intend this blog to be a way of money, maybe if I was offering something other than how I’m raising my daughter, but not because I post stories and ideas. No sponsors, no professional photos, no short and simple posts. Real life stories, hang on let me pull my hair out because my toddler is driving me crazy stories, photos from my Galaxy, posts.

My life isn’t just being a mom, did you read  Finding That Well Deserved Me Time? I had mentioned that one of my “me times” was crafting. I almost wish I could work part time at Hobby Lobby so I can spend my check on craft supplies. For years now, even before being mom, I’ve always wanted to craft for my income. I didn’t know what but I knew that’s what I wanted. I have a horrible obsession with craft fairs and always seem to end up with more holiday decor each year than I know what to do with. Scrapbooking was always a favorite, I found myself not having as much time as I would like, so instead I just do it for myself.

I started making deco mesh wreaths for myself just because I wanted holiday decor of my own. I wanted my own colors, my own ribbon and I wanted more than just one. After realizing I can actually make atleast two of these in a night, I started to just make more. Right now, our basement is full of different wreaths I’ve made, some I’ve displayed in our house, some are being sent because people have ordered them. So I’d like to introduce you to Sweetface Creations . I have inventory posted of my pre-made wreaths as well as taking custom request orders. I currently have my spring/St. Patricks day/Easter wreaths right now and will begin doing Summer/4th of July wreaths.

Below are a few different wreaths that are ready to go. I’d appreciate all the support for my new journey. Mom and the Fairytales is still very much a huge part of my life and I will continue to make this blog better each post, while I make a few wreaths in between.

Thanks again!

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Finding That Well Deserved Me Time.

Stay at home moms, full time working moms, part time working moms, moms of multiples. Whatever kind of mama you are, we all need that me time. Whether it’s during nap time, once your Little goes down for the night, or your husband takes them out for a few hours, it’s always a well appreciated time to take for ourselves. 

I try to not make Arthur  take London out on his day off without me only because it’s his only day off and I’m not going to miss a family day to get in a few hours to myself. Not worth it. 

When I say Me time, I mean time you take for YOURSELF. Not folding laundry, cleaning up toys, anything that would be considered a chore by your husband who sometimes will just use a paper towel instead of running the dishwasher….

The Me time I’m talking about is the most wonderful time when you sit and have not a care in the world about the pile of dishes that need to be put away. The time where you can pull out a good book and get lost in the world you’re dreaming of being in. Basically the feeling of taking your bra off after a long day, you know that good good feeling I’m talking about. 

So here’s a few of my Me Time activities that I look forward to during nap time and bed time. * I don’t consider anything I can do while London is awake a Me Time activity. The point is to be able to lose track of time in the quietness of your Little sleeping. 

1. Reading. This is a given, especially if you know me personally. I read everyday,mostly once London is asleep so I can get in as many chapters as I can.

2.Planning. Again, I think this is a given for how much I like to have much of my life in order. But sometimes I stray away from meal planning and lean towards planning out how I want to decorate the basement, or London’s playroom, blog posts, or my favorite planning a Disney trip.

3. Crafts. Let me tell you, being able to craft in a house there’s actually room for is the greatest. Lately I’ve been making deco mesh wreaths, which I would love to be able to be a vendor at a craft fair for. But I also enjoy scrapbooking, studding jackets and accessories, and this month it’s been all about crafting for London’s 2nd birthday party. 

4. Binge. Not food, all though I do enjoy a good junk food binge once in a while. I love to Binge watch my favorite shows or movie series. I can’t binge watch anything like I used to when I would watch all day if I was off from work, but I like to relax at night with a good 4-5 episodes of one of my favorites. 

5. Pinterest. My favorite app. Especially during nap time when I don’t know how long London will actually be napping for. Whether it’s for meal ideas, outfits, makeup, whatever. Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to find some inspiration. Bonus points if it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest-fail.
What’s your favorite way for some Me Time?