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Mom Shamers, Body Shamers..Seriously, Just Stop It.

Here’s a quick warning before you continue reading- this post is very blunt, real, and probably a few words you hope your kid doesn’t repeat. If you are one of the title people I mention, you may want to pay close attention because I am so incredibly tired of people judging other people and judging myself, especially when London is with me.

Now then, recently I was shopping for a new bathing suit. Like most of us, I do not look like I did when I was 22. I’ve gained weight, I’ve lost weight, oh hey I had a child. I’m a normal person. I have extra saggy skin from carrying my baby past her due date, and believe it or not I have a few stretchmarks. It has taken me months to start getting over the fact that I do not have my 22 year old body. And to be honest I don’t want that body back. I was unhealthy, I drank all the time, I had no life goals. I was a damn mess. 

Now tell me why, it’s the “polite” thing to say to a woman right after she had a baby that she looks so good for just having a baby. But if her baby is now 2, she’s looked at as lazy or doesn’t care about her appearance if she doesn’t look like she did before she was pregnant. Those of you who judge a mother on something like that, shame on you. 

Back to my bathing suit shopping. I have a girls weekend in Vegas  coming up in June and realized my bikini from before London doesn’t fit, and the tankini I have from after London isn’t exactly what I want to wear. I don’t feel like I should have to wear a bathing suit I only bought because I was body shamed at London’s swim class. Oh yes, you read that right. I was made to feel uncomfortable at my daughter’s swim class because not only am I judged daily by my amount of tattoos, and then purple hair, but I was “that mom” who wore a two piece swim suit and God forbid you can see my stretch marks and belly pouch. 

So as I was browsing the swim suits, with London in the cart, I had a lovely women come up to me like it was nothing, and tell me how I shouldn’t be looking for a bikini with the shape my body is in. Umm excuse me? Now, normally this is where I would put my reaction full of those nasty words, but in all honesty, I feel bad for that women. If you need to put other people down, strangers for that matter, you need to stop and look at yourself and figure out what went wrong. In the words of London, ” You need Jesus.” 

Did I buy a bathing suit? Nope. Was it because of that sad woman who had nothing better to do? Absolutely not. But I’ll tell you right now, she had no effect on me looking for a swim suit to cover myself a little more? In fact, she inspired me to wear what I want and be proud of my body. 

Was I taken back and hurt by her hurtful words? Absolutely. But as a mother, it’s my job to teach London, it’s easy to be the smaller person, but it’s more rewarding to be the bigger person.

So mamas and non mamas,  be you. Do you. Do whatever the hell is making you happy. Do not let unhappy people bring you down to their sad life. And those who are guilty of mom shaming or body shaming, or both. Take a minute and think before you talk. Especially if you find it necessary to give your opinion where it’s not asked, to a mom who is just browsing..with their child in the cart.

So on that note, can you figure out which bathing suit I’m going with?

Nope ^^^^

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Step Out Of That Comfort Zone, Mama!

If you knew me before I was pregnant, and even now, you know that for how loud I am, I rarely step out of my comfort zone. I like sticking to what I know and enjoy. But every once in a while, I catch myself doing something I never thought I would do.

Like last May, while Arthur was working up in Minnesota, I took London around to be a tourist with me. First time ever being in Minnesota and we just went. We went everywhere and packed in as much as we could in the 5 days we were here. When we lived in Chicago, I never took her to the city,  but I had no problem walking around St. Paul looking for the children’s museum.

Since moving to Minnesota, I find myself looking to do more, to better myself as a person and a mom, and to live my life as an adventure. In a previous post, I had talked about how I look at my life as an adventure. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to new places or trying new things everyday. It’s enjoying the life ideas given, because I only get one life. Which is why I post my goals in the Best Me I Can Be section and why even when it’s freezing or rainy, I do stuff with London everyday. Hi Target dollar spot, you make for a great rainy day basket. 

Something I did recently, very much out of my comfort zone, was take London out to dinner…by myself. Does it sound silly? Yes. Was I nervous about doing it? Absolutely. Did we have so much fun that I’ve been doing it week. Hell yes. 

Being a first time mom, I was always nervous about taking her anywhere alone. It took me forever to be comfortable enough to go shopping with her because I was scared I would forget her somewhere. So the thought of taking her out to eat was even scarier. I don’t know why I allowed that fear to continue for so long. But randomly one morning I decided I didn’t want to cool dinner or order. And I had a taste for shrimp. 

I’ve done a girls night dinner once a week with her and plan to do it every week. Some may think it’s silly to eat out once a week, but isn’t that your Starbucks money for a week? But it’s not about spending unnecessary money, it’s about having those traditions with my girl. Living life how I want and having the memories because sooner or later she’s going to be cool to want to go out to eat with mom.

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Oh Twodles, Happy Birthday London!

We just celebrated London’s 2nd Birthday in Chicago with our family and friends, and my goodness did she have the time of her life! 

With pretty much making it a last minute thing, I was still able to make a few center pieces and set up a birthday party to be able to have photos for her to enjoy when she gets older.

From seeing her family and friends, so many presents and a custom made Toodles cake, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate her 2nd birthday. We are beyond grateful and blessed for everyone in our lives who care for and love London.

Of course, I completely slacked on actually getting all of the photos I wish I did. Isn’t that just how it goes mama’s? But again, for what I did get and for everyone who was there, I’m incredibly grateful.

Happy 2nd Birthday London, we love you more than words can say, to Hogwarts and back, to inifity and beyond.

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Our Baby Is 2.

Before you continue, I’ll just warn you now this post is full of photos. I’ve gone through and pulled a few of my favorite photos of the last year to show you, and London, just how great of a year it was for her. 

Now then, I’m so full of happiness to be celebrating my girl turning two! I can believe where the time went and I know where the year went. Hi, I’m mom I’m was there, and I made sure each and every one of these moments happened. Plus more.

London is 33 pounds and just shy of being 3 feet tall. She loves to help me clean and cook. Her favorite foods include scrambled eggs, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, ham, and green beans. When she’s not being a book need, she’s letting her imagination soar in her playroom between her kitchen set and cooking up some yummy meals and she is quite the artist these days. From crayons, pencils and paints, we have a ton of London originals.

In her only 2 years, London has done so much that I’m actually shocked at how much I did with her, that I never thought I would have. It’s scary being a parent not knowing what you’re actually doing. But we made it another year. And as it should be, this year was even more fun than the last!

This past year has been a busy year. And bless her little heart for sticking it out and trusting her mama and daddy that it would all be worth it. 

From moving to Minnesota,  a ton of plane rides, a Disney vacation, a road trip, zoo trips, exploring new places, and making an unfamiliar place into a home, I couldn’t have imagined a more fun year for her. 

We don’t have anything as crazy as moving to a new state in mind this year, but a few vacations and new adventures are planned. I mean life just only gets better as your kids get older right? 

I couldn’t feel more blessed to call her mine. I’m thankful everyday I was chosen to be her mama. She makes me a better person and teaches me something new everyday.

Our adventure together is just starting, but I plan on making the most of everyday together and every adventure, new or old, worth an amazing memory.