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Besties Turned Mesties

Mestie will forever be a special word in my life, which almost no one will get except for my Mestie, Leah. 

A little over 5 years ago, Leah and I started following each other on Twitter. Which turned into Instagram, which turned into Facebook, Snapchat, texts, and mailing each other gift boxes. 

Leah has my social media bestie through almost every huge moment of my life. My wedding, my kidney transplant, having London, and moving to Minnesota. We’ve talked everyday for the past 5 years, we’ve had inside jokes and stupid conversations on multiple social platforms at the same time. We always said ” when we finally meet….” and it finally happened last week.

Yes, after 5 years and convincing her family that I was in fact a real person, Leah flew out to Minnesota from the East coast and spent a week here!

We had the entire week planned out, plus room to finally just be real life friends. And the coolest part about this, was that it wasn’t even awkward. Let’s thrown in right now, that this was the first time we actually had real conversations and I heard an easy coast accent. 

We did the usual Mall of America trips, Wild Rumpus Book Store, the Eagan Outlet Mall, the Zoos, and of course visiting Prince’s house. As per London’s request we ate at Bubba Gump, and shockingly we were able to eat at different places like the 5-8 Club and the Rainforest Cafe. 

One of the nights, we were able to go out to Downtown Minneapolis with a few people and go to Up-Down bar, which is by far one of the coolest bars ever. This bar is literally filled with every arcade game you can thing of plus giant Jenga and Connect 4 and a giant projector screen to play N64. We spent most of the night playing skee ball. No complaints, minus coming home at 4:30 in the morning.

This week was literally a week of firsts for Leah. It was her first time flying, her first time having real Mexican food, her first Vegas bomb, and her first tattoo. Of course we got matching bestie tattoos. 

But let’s get to the good stuff, the best part of this trip, the part where we will always laugh, uncontrollably, the part that was almost the highlight of her being here. And go figure, it was being of Arthur. If you already know, you know where this is going and you know how hard I’m already laughing and I’m hoping I can type this without missing a few words.

So if you don’t know, Arthur recently got a motorcycle. He let me get a puppy so I had no real say. I don’t mind actually, except he told me he knew how to ride. I’ve never heard of him riding a motorcycle let alone have seen him ride. So last week, he came home real quick and decided it was a good day to ride back to the shop. We live about 4 miles from the shop, so not super far, unless you’re trying to ride a motorcycle…you’ve never been on before.

Arthur gets set up, and Leah and I both looked at each other like “something is going to happen.” So we decided to watch to make sure he gets going ok, plus it was the first time he would be riding the bike. At this point, the bike has been running for a little bit, he sits down, and the bike stalls. Then shuts off. He starts it again, it moves forward a little bit then stalls. And this point, we all knew he shouldn’t even do this, because he had yet to take his riding classes. 

So finally the bike is on, and he gets going, a little wobbly but he’s going. We living in a cul-de-sac, and the way to go to the shop is to turn right. Our neighbors had a truck on the street blocking our full view of Arthur, but we were waiting to see him turn. I stepped out into the street to see why he wasn’t turning. And that’s when we saw him…in the grass. 

At this point I was freaking out, Leah didn’t know what to do except hold London’s hand while I ran to see if he was ok. Mind you, he was only one house down, so I wasn’t running blocks. He was trying to turn around before getting on a street with through traffic, and instead of switching gears and braking, he reved and ended up over the curb and in the lawn. Now after he got the bike back on the street and to our house, with the help of someone doing their nightly walk, he said he was ok, and decided to wait til his riding class to try riding again, that’s when me and Leah lost it and had joke after joke. It’s been almost a week this happened, and I still can’t control myself when I think about it or tell the story. 

And that’s the lawn he ripped up.

Side note – he has not tried to ride his bike since, but had taken his class and passed.

Once our week had come to an end, it was sadder to say goodbye than we thought. It’s not like we live close enough to drive to each other for a weekend. I’ve always said she is literally the East coast me. From movies and books, to our opinions on almost everything, there’s a reason why we were besties for so long. 
I can’t be honest and say I was the saddest to have her leave. London was heartbroken because London claimed Leah as her new bestie the day she got here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my daughter so sad to not have someone at the house anymore. 

Having to go back to reality with Leah gone was sad but at the same time she left me with so many memories, laughs, pictures, and took a little piece of me and London back home with her. I feel lucky to have had the chance to meet her and spend a week becoming Mesties. We may be far apart, but I’m so glad social media brought us together. 

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Speech Therapy for Toddlers.

Recently, we made the choice to start London in speech therapy. And originally I wasn’t even going to make a post about this because it’s been hard for me to talk about it. With her progress so far, I’m finally ok and seeing that I’m just making sure she is on the right path and she’ll be prepared for preschool.

So yes, we decided it was in London’s best interest to have her start seeing a speech therapist. Over the last few months, we’ve noticed she wasn’t repeating words, was having a hard time telling us what she wanted, and it resulted in her being frustrated and us being frustrated for not knowing what she was trying to tell us. 

Originally, I started with taking the binkys away, eliminating screen time even more, and switching all her cups to straw and magic 360 cups. None of that was helping her talk to us. 

Her doctor knew it’s been a concern and with our first steps not showing improvement, she set her up to see an audiologist. I can’t begin to explain how scary the thought of her not being able to hear or needing surgery was. But we went to her appointment with positive thoughts and preparing for the worst. The audiologist basically thought we were crazy because there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hearing. 

So here we are doing speech therapy. After her evaluation, London does has a delay in her talking but she is incredibly smart by way of gesturing and being able to do commands when we tell her to hand us a certain toy or show us where the green crayon in. So as we work on her speaking and using her words, she is being taught sign language.

It may have taken me a few weeks to accept the fact London needs help with learning how to talk, but her therapist even said, it’s not our fault and this is helping her to prepare for preschool.

We couldn’t be more happy with the facility we decided on for her, and we’re so proud of how much London has already picked up as far as sign language and the way her words are starting to come together. 

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Embrace Life, and Thrive.

Since moving to Minnesota last November, I’ve been waiting for the weather to give us the opportunity to thrive. I couldn’t wait to spend our days outside in that amazing fresh air. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. 

Each day after breakfast, the park is the first place we visit. I love being surrounded by so many parks for not just London to burn off her morning energy, but now with Dobby, he can run around as well. Not only does this give London a chance to soak up some vitamin D and a change of scenery, we kick it up a notch and have lunch at the park too. Talk about a toddler having the best morning ever. 

We have an entire list of new places we can explore and really take on the beauty Minnesota can offer, and the best part is that we have all the time in the world to do it. I keep thinking we’re just on vacation and we have the cram everything in at once. But we’ve been given the adventure of a life time and you can bet we’re going to soak up all of it.

One of my favorite places here is right in our backyard. Literally. Our backyard is huge and we take advantage of being able to go in and out all day. Watching London explore and then chase Dobby when he has a stick is a full day or energy burning in itself. Bonus that I don’t have to pack up the diaper bag.

Now I’m not sure if it’s because London is getting older so we’re able to do more, or if it’s the thrill of being in a new state that makes our life feel like it gets better each day. Maybe it’s a mixture of both, but I take each day as a blessing and live it to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, I still make sure our bills are paid and the house is as clean as a toddler and puppy will allow it to be, but I do not allow anyone with a negative lifestyle or attitude to have an affect on our day. 

I wake up each day and challenge myself on how I can make London’s day better than yesterday. How I can be a better mom. Something new we can do. I’m not talking about big things either, do you know how excited she gets when I bring out one of her toys outside that she’s only played with inside? It’s the coolest thing ever for her to know she can have more toys outside. 

Challenge yourself everyday. Find how you can thrive and make the most of your days. 

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So, We Own A Puppy.

Yes, we have added to our family. We have welcomed an adorable 11 week old cavanese puppy named Dobby to our family. Are we crazy? Yes. I mean I think we are. With a two year old, 3 cats, still trying to finish putting our house together, why not add a puppy to the mix.

I guess I’ll explain that first and foremost, this was not a spur of the moment decision. With Arthur and I coming from having dog backgrounds, me more cats, we knew what we were getting into. We’ve been talking about getting a dog before even moving to Minnesota. Our apartment in Illinois didn’t allow dogs so we knew we would be able to once we moved out here. We didn’t get a dog right away because I didn’t want to have to potty train in the winter. That would just be mean to a puppy…and myself.

And mostly, we waited til we were more prepared to own a dog. Being new to the area and getting use to everything is still a process, but after being here for almost 8 months, I’m more comfortable being out with London and bringing a puppy with.

It’s been almost a full 48 hours, and I’m exhausted. Having a puppy is literally having another child. But we’ve somehow made it through two mornings, and only 2 accidents from Dobby in the house. So I think I’m doing something right.

Exhausted or not, wondering what else I need to do for Dobby, I don’t think I’ve ever seen London so happy. She loves waking up and seeing her puppy each morning, helping us feed him, playing in the yard with him, and her favorite, getting a good night hug from him. 

Here’s to hopefully a not even crazier household…with a puppy added to the mix.