Mom Tales

Embrace Life, and Thrive.

Since moving to Minnesota last November, I’ve been waiting for the weather to give us the opportunity to thrive. I couldn’t wait to spend our days outside in that amazing fresh air. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. 

Each day after breakfast, the park is the first place we visit. I love being surrounded by so many parks for not just London to burn off her morning energy, but now with Dobby, he can run around as well. Not only does this give London a chance to soak up some vitamin D and a change of scenery, we kick it up a notch and have lunch at the park too. Talk about a toddler having the best morning ever. 

We have an entire list of new places we can explore and really take on the beauty Minnesota can offer, and the best part is that we have all the time in the world to do it. I keep thinking we’re just on vacation and we have the cram everything in at once. But we’ve been given the adventure of a life time and you can bet we’re going to soak up all of it.

One of my favorite places here is right in our backyard. Literally. Our backyard is huge and we take advantage of being able to go in and out all day. Watching London explore and then chase Dobby when he has a stick is a full day or energy burning in itself. Bonus that I don’t have to pack up the diaper bag.

Now I’m not sure if it’s because London is getting older so we’re able to do more, or if it’s the thrill of being in a new state that makes our life feel like it gets better each day. Maybe it’s a mixture of both, but I take each day as a blessing and live it to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, I still make sure our bills are paid and the house is as clean as a toddler and puppy will allow it to be, but I do not allow anyone with a negative lifestyle or attitude to have an affect on our day. 

I wake up each day and challenge myself on how I can make London’s day better than yesterday. How I can be a better mom. Something new we can do. I’m not talking about big things either, do you know how excited she gets when I bring out one of her toys outside that she’s only played with inside? It’s the coolest thing ever for her to know she can have more toys outside. 

Challenge yourself everyday. Find how you can thrive and make the most of your days. 


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