Hi! This is a lifestyle blog on my everyday adventures with my infant who I call Little Miss. I’m a first time mom and wanted to start a blog not only in hopes to inspire people but to document every special moment I get with my baby girl. This blog will have everything from my experiences with being a first time mom, my favorite recipes, and fun family activities. I’m even more excited since I decided to start this blog while Little Miss is so young, 3 months, to be able to watch her grow as my blog grows.

A little about me-

I grew up and live in the Chicago suburbs. As I had stated before, I have a wonderful little princess who just turned 3 months as I write this. She is a ball of smiles and loves learning new things. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Hot Dog Dance are her favorites right now. But she tolerates all the Tinkerbell Movies too. Little Miss is just the start of my family. I am married to a wonderful, hardworking man who I’d be completely lost without. He inspired me to really put my all into starting this blog. We also have our fur babies; Penny, a calico kitten, Pixie, a Bengal cat, and Charlie, a 10 year old lop eared bunny. I’m heavily tattooed, mostly Disney tattoos of course. I want to learn and know how to do everything I set my mind to.

The inspiration for Mom and the Fairytales comes from being a first time mom. I like to think of everything I experience with my Little Miss a fairytale. The time I get with my husband is a fairytale to me. So when thinking of a name, it was actually my husband who came up with Mom and the Fairytales because it has a 50’s girl group vibe to it. Oh, I also have an obsession with the 1950’s and the housewife era.

Please feel free to contact me about anything! I love hearing from people!

Happy Reading!

Honeymoon Fairytale

Love at first site.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I found you via Instagram and just wanted to show support on your blog. I just have to say that I love that you let motherhood be the source of your artistic expression. From a fellow mommy, I think this is beautiful and very encouraging to know other moms who feel so passionately about their role as a mother. Props. 🙂


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