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Spring Bucket List.

Happy First Day of Spring! I couldn’t be more excited to officially be in the season of Spring, now I just need Mother Nature to get the memo and bring us the weather we’ve been waiting for. 

So until then, London and I have been brainstorming what we want to do this Spring, meaning she just says yes to everything I ask her. Instead of making a page on here of a bucketlist, I made this more kid friendly and I encourage you to do this with your littles for whatever season or reason you want to make a bucketlist. 

I’d also like to mention, I’m definitely not the artist of our family. 

We started our Spring bucketlist a few weeks ago and currently have it hanging on a wall in our family room. We put it up where we see it everyday and it’ll be easy to pick something off the list and just do it a day where weather is permitting. 

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Harry Potter Bathroom. 

Of all the times we’ve moved, and of all the different themed bathrooms, this is by far my most favorite ever. It was my way of having my own space that was decorated as my own. It took months of brainstorming, shopping, and bothering one of my very creative friends, but it’s finally finished. I guess for the most part, let’s be honest can you really ever be done decorating? 

9 3/4 is really a magically number. 

With the help of a friend, I was able to get great wall fillers, and also two pages from my favorite books were designed with a small detail from the Harry Potter festival in Philadelphia. 

It’s the little details I’ve put in the bathroom that make me love it more and more. Plus it makes getting ready for the day even more fun.

Even my daily makeup stays in a Harry Potter makeup bag.

Did you know Disney world has vents that make the entire park smell like a vacation? I love these Potter theme wax melts that were sent to me from my bestie as a Christmas gift.

And of course, no bathroom theme is complete without a shower curtain. This was the first piece of decor I purchased for my bathroom. For being from Amazon, it’s pretty amazing quality. 

Yes, I’m almost 30 and I’m completely in love with my bathroom because it’s been my one space that I was able to make my own. 

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Meet Sweetface Creations.

Mom and the Fairytales has been around for almost two years now. I started this as a way to document London’s childhood and the fun she’s had and also to hopefully inspire some mama’s along the way.  One day I hope to expend and own the name to continue blogging as London grows. I never intend this blog to be a way of money, maybe if I was offering something other than how I’m raising my daughter, but not because I post stories and ideas. No sponsors, no professional photos, no short and simple posts. Real life stories, hang on let me pull my hair out because my toddler is driving me crazy stories, photos from my Galaxy, posts.

My life isn’t just being a mom, did you read  Finding That Well Deserved Me Time? I had mentioned that one of my “me times” was crafting. I almost wish I could work part time at Hobby Lobby so I can spend my check on craft supplies. For years now, even before being mom, I’ve always wanted to craft for my income. I didn’t know what but I knew that’s what I wanted. I have a horrible obsession with craft fairs and always seem to end up with more holiday decor each year than I know what to do with. Scrapbooking was always a favorite, I found myself not having as much time as I would like, so instead I just do it for myself.

I started making deco mesh wreaths for myself just because I wanted holiday decor of my own. I wanted my own colors, my own ribbon and I wanted more than just one. After realizing I can actually make atleast two of these in a night, I started to just make more. Right now, our basement is full of different wreaths I’ve made, some I’ve displayed in our house, some are being sent because people have ordered them. So I’d like to introduce you to Sweetface Creations . I have inventory posted of my pre-made wreaths as well as taking custom request orders. I currently have my spring/St. Patricks day/Easter wreaths right now and will begin doing Summer/4th of July wreaths.

Below are a few different wreaths that are ready to go. I’d appreciate all the support for my new journey. Mom and the Fairytales is still very much a huge part of my life and I will continue to make this blog better each post, while I make a few wreaths in between.

Thanks again!

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Finding That Well Deserved Me Time.

Stay at home moms, full time working moms, part time working moms, moms of multiples. Whatever kind of mama you are, we all need that me time. Whether it’s during nap time, once your Little goes down for the night, or your husband takes them out for a few hours, it’s always a well appreciated time to take for ourselves. 

I try to not make Arthur  take London out on his day off without me only because it’s his only day off and I’m not going to miss a family day to get in a few hours to myself. Not worth it. 

When I say Me time, I mean time you take for YOURSELF. Not folding laundry, cleaning up toys, anything that would be considered a chore by your husband who sometimes will just use a paper towel instead of running the dishwasher….

The Me time I’m talking about is the most wonderful time when you sit and have not a care in the world about the pile of dishes that need to be put away. The time where you can pull out a good book and get lost in the world you’re dreaming of being in. Basically the feeling of taking your bra off after a long day, you know that good good feeling I’m talking about. 

So here’s a few of my Me Time activities that I look forward to during nap time and bed time. * I don’t consider anything I can do while London is awake a Me Time activity. The point is to be able to lose track of time in the quietness of your Little sleeping. 

1. Reading. This is a given, especially if you know me personally. I read everyday,mostly once London is asleep so I can get in as many chapters as I can.

2.Planning. Again, I think this is a given for how much I like to have much of my life in order. But sometimes I stray away from meal planning and lean towards planning out how I want to decorate the basement, or London’s playroom, blog posts, or my favorite planning a Disney trip.

3. Crafts. Let me tell you, being able to craft in a house there’s actually room for is the greatest. Lately I’ve been making deco mesh wreaths, which I would love to be able to be a vendor at a craft fair for. But I also enjoy scrapbooking, studding jackets and accessories, and this month it’s been all about crafting for London’s 2nd birthday party. 

4. Binge. Not food, all though I do enjoy a good junk food binge once in a while. I love to Binge watch my favorite shows or movie series. I can’t binge watch anything like I used to when I would watch all day if I was off from work, but I like to relax at night with a good 4-5 episodes of one of my favorites. 

5. Pinterest. My favorite app. Especially during nap time when I don’t know how long London will actually be napping for. Whether it’s for meal ideas, outfits, makeup, whatever. Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to find some inspiration. Bonus points if it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest-fail.
What’s your favorite way for some Me Time?

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Paint Day.

London loves everything artsy that we put in front of her. Crayons, colored pencils, markers, stickers, everything and anything. Painting has been her favorite lately. While she’s not a fan of finger painting, I’m not complaining, she loves the idea of paintbrushes and dipping into all the colors of paint in front of her.

I originally had purchased a Paint Your Own Mickey bank for her, and after watching her creative mind work, I purchased a giant roll of canvas paper and a few boxes of Crayola’s Washable Paint. 

I decided on buying a roll of paper as opposed to giving her computer paper because it allowed me to control somewhat of a mess. All I had to do was tape the paper down on the hardwood floor and pour out some paint and let her go to town. 

Finding the Crayola smock was a great find since I normally just put one of my old t-shirts on her. When Crayola says washable, they mean washable.

By the time we were done, London’s hand and feet were covered in her artwork, which came off in seconds in a quick bath. 

As we near Spring, I can’t help but to get excited to finally be able to head out on new adventures without having to warm up the car or wear our heavy winter coats. This winter was not only a challenge on living in a new state, but it’s the first winter where I actually had to keep a toddler entertained. It’s very easy to turn the TV on and keep Mickey on repeat, but I want London’s creative brain to be on all the time. 

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Valentine’s Day Crafts, PT. 1.

Glitter, glue, colored paper..and less TV time? Count me in. I can only watch the Aristocats so many times. Expanding London’s creativity and imagination is something done daily with me. It doesn’t matter of it’s being at a museum, playing with dolls, or crafting. With it being February now it’s the perfect time to start making some love month crafts. 

Here’s a few we’ve made the last couple of days. 

Watching the excitement and wonder on her face while tracing her hand is always a hit because it teaches her patience to sit still with her hand on the paper, and then the amazement of seeing the outline of her hand. ” How did my hand get there mama? 

And of course, the fun of putting all the hearts on! 

You don’t need to be an artist to come up with a few fun themed crafts. Shout out to Pinterest for a few ideas. And Hobby Lobby. 

Next week, we’re getting messy and including finger paints and canvas. 

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How To Make A Mama Lose Her Mind.

Any mama’s,  hell not even mama’s, know those days, weeks, maybe months where everything feels like it’s falling apart and you’re about to put your head through a wall? Welcome to my life the past 3 weeks. 

Normally, I really try and find the good and remind myself we’ll get through anything, which we always do, and I know we’ll get through this. But it’s one thing after another. I’ve probably cried out my tears and now I’m at the point where I sit here and laugh at everything that keeps happening. 

From issues with our current apartment, making it unlivable to A being in Minnesota getting our house ready, I can only wonder what else can happen.

If you didn’t know already, we officially have to ok to rent the house we originally wanted in Minnesota, so we will definitely be moving this Fall! Exciting? Very! But not to be a Debbie Downer, but as soon as things started getting great with us planning to leave, everything fell apart. 

I guess the good in all of this is its just making us stronger in our marriage because we cannot fall apart. We are parents a day need to make sure our daughter is ok and has what she needs, which she does. No matter what is happening, Little Miss is first in both our eyes and we’ll never be in a situation where she’s not ok. The second bright side of everything, is that non of this is really out fault. 

We dealt with someone trying to sabotage A, knowing we’re leaving but wanted to make things more difficult. When in reality, it made things easier and less stressful. And as far as our apartment complex, this situation should have been dealt with weeks ago and now they have to deal with it now with a couple angry tenants. And will most likely have even more to deal with once we leave.

I never claim to have a perfect life, my life is far from it. I’m a normal mom, wife and person who has those days where I just want to scream. But what is that going to teach my daughter? Nothing good that’s for sure.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, I apologize for the lack of posts in the next couple of weeks. We’ve began packing and getting ready for our move. You can follow us on Instagram to keep up with what we’re doing- @Momandthefairytales 


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Remind Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them.

I’m going to be a little serious on this post and it’s a hard topic to talk about but I feel it’s important to remind everyone to tell your loved ones you love them.

I won’t be saying names or giving details for privacy reasons.

Almost a year ago, I almost lost someone very close to me and who has a huge place in my heart. This person was going through an incredibly hard time and was ready to say goodbye and end their life. Thankfully, they had called someone before getting completely set on leaving.

That phone call was by far the scariest call I have ever gotten. I was at a complete lost and didn’t know what to do or even why this was happening. 

No matter how hard I tried to understand, I couldn’t. I thought of every good thing possible this person had in their life, and how the bad could over take that good. 

Because of that phone call, this person was able to get the help they needed and we finally started to understand there was a lot more under the surface then anyone could understand. 

I’ve always told my loved ones that I loved them, and now I make the extra effort to remind them daily. I live each day not letting little things get to me, not starting arguments over something stupid, and not being that person who has an attitude all day. Yes if you know me, you know I have quite the attitude, but it’s not worth it. 

I’ve lost a few people in my life from suicide. I always thought it was such a selfish move and even had anger towards those people. I also, didn’t know the hurt that was going on with those people. If I would have lost this person a year ago without knowing what was really going on, I would have been just as angry as I would have been hurt. My whole life would have been completely upside down and I can’t even imagine how life would be right now if they weren’t with us now.

The whole point of this post is to remind you that you don’t know what battles someone is dealing with and to not let it get to the point where it’s too late. Don’t assume someone is ok if they say they are, if you have that feeling then talk to them. 

Asking someone what’s going on and really listening to them could change alot. Have a real conversation. Put the damn phone down and just listen. I’m not saying everyone who is sad is thinking about ending their life. I’m not saying that at all. Just remind them how much you love them and how glad you are to have them in your life.

If you yourself have thoughts of suicide, please please call someone, even the suicide hotline. There is nothing that bad in life to end your life. No matter how bad things seem or if it seems like nothing will ever get better, it does. One of my favorite quotes that I found last year that helped me and the people in my life get through this is ” The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.” 

Your rainbow is there, survive your storm.


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Happy 1st Year, Mom and the Fairytales!

This week, my blog turns a whole year old! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited! If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know how exciting this is for me considering this was my second attempt at blogging and also my way of escaping reality, having something for Little Miss to read when she gets older, and just doing something that’s for me.

I currently have plans on making Mom and the Fairytales bigger and better and I hope you’ll continue to follow our story and all the fun we have. 

I’m going to be resharing a few of my post popular blog posts this week that wouldn’t be popular if it wasn’t for all of you taking the time to read them. So thank you!

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Mother’s Day Craft..Epic Pinterest Fail.

For Mother’s Day, Little Miss and I decided to maker her Nana and Fairy Godmama a gift. I had come across one of the coolest crafts ever on Pinterest the week before Mother’s Day. A photo collage flower pot. Super easy too. Paint a flower pot, use modge podge to attach photos and fill it with flowers.

I decided to spray paint the pot and use fake flowers to fill them as well.
Once the spray painted dried though, the mode podge wouldn’t stick to the pot. Should have known because it was a glossy finish spray paint.

So instead, I left the pots spray painted, filled them with sunflowers and stuck my favorite picture of each of them with Little Miss in there. We also hid a few little butterflies in there.



So it wasn’t exactly how I would have liked them to come out, but atleast I know not to use spray paint with modge podge. And Little Miss gave her Nana and Fairy Godmama a handmade present.