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So, We Own A Puppy.

Yes, we have added to our family. We have welcomed an adorable 11 week old cavanese puppy named Dobby to our family. Are we crazy? Yes. I mean I think we are. With a two year old, 3 cats, still trying to finish putting our house together, why not add a puppy to the mix.

I guess I’ll explain that first and foremost, this was not a spur of the moment decision. With Arthur and I coming from having dog backgrounds, me more cats, we knew what we were getting into. We’ve been talking about getting a dog before even moving to Minnesota. Our apartment in Illinois didn’t allow dogs so we knew we would be able to once we moved out here. We didn’t get a dog right away because I didn’t want to have to potty train in the winter. That would just be mean to a puppy…and myself.

And mostly, we waited til we were more prepared to own a dog. Being new to the area and getting use to everything is still a process, but after being here for almost 8 months, I’m more comfortable being out with London and bringing a puppy with.

It’s been almost a full 48 hours, and I’m exhausted. Having a puppy is literally having another child. But we’ve somehow made it through two mornings, and only 2 accidents from Dobby in the house. So I think I’m doing something right.

Exhausted or not, wondering what else I need to do for Dobby, I don’t think I’ve ever seen London so happy. She loves waking up and seeing her puppy each morning, helping us feed him, playing in the yard with him, and her favorite, getting a good night hug from him. 

Here’s to hopefully a not even crazier household…with a puppy added to the mix.

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Mom Shamers, Body Shamers..Seriously, Just Stop It.

Here’s a quick warning before you continue reading- this post is very blunt, real, and probably a few words you hope your kid doesn’t repeat. If you are one of the title people I mention, you may want to pay close attention because I am so incredibly tired of people judging other people and judging myself, especially when London is with me.

Now then, recently I was shopping for a new bathing suit. Like most of us, I do not look like I did when I was 22. I’ve gained weight, I’ve lost weight, oh hey I had a child. I’m a normal person. I have extra saggy skin from carrying my baby past her due date, and believe it or not I have a few stretchmarks. It has taken me months to start getting over the fact that I do not have my 22 year old body. And to be honest I don’t want that body back. I was unhealthy, I drank all the time, I had no life goals. I was a damn mess. 

Now tell me why, it’s the “polite” thing to say to a woman right after she had a baby that she looks so good for just having a baby. But if her baby is now 2, she’s looked at as lazy or doesn’t care about her appearance if she doesn’t look like she did before she was pregnant. Those of you who judge a mother on something like that, shame on you. 

Back to my bathing suit shopping. I have a girls weekend in Vegas  coming up in June and realized my bikini from before London doesn’t fit, and the tankini I have from after London isn’t exactly what I want to wear. I don’t feel like I should have to wear a bathing suit I only bought because I was body shamed at London’s swim class. Oh yes, you read that right. I was made to feel uncomfortable at my daughter’s swim class because not only am I judged daily by my amount of tattoos, and then purple hair, but I was “that mom” who wore a two piece swim suit and God forbid you can see my stretch marks and belly pouch. 

So as I was browsing the swim suits, with London in the cart, I had a lovely women come up to me like it was nothing, and tell me how I shouldn’t be looking for a bikini with the shape my body is in. Umm excuse me? Now, normally this is where I would put my reaction full of those nasty words, but in all honesty, I feel bad for that women. If you need to put other people down, strangers for that matter, you need to stop and look at yourself and figure out what went wrong. In the words of London, ” You need Jesus.” 

Did I buy a bathing suit? Nope. Was it because of that sad woman who had nothing better to do? Absolutely not. But I’ll tell you right now, she had no effect on me looking for a swim suit to cover myself a little more? In fact, she inspired me to wear what I want and be proud of my body. 

Was I taken back and hurt by her hurtful words? Absolutely. But as a mother, it’s my job to teach London, it’s easy to be the smaller person, but it’s more rewarding to be the bigger person.

So mamas and non mamas,  be you. Do you. Do whatever the hell is making you happy. Do not let unhappy people bring you down to their sad life. And those who are guilty of mom shaming or body shaming, or both. Take a minute and think before you talk. Especially if you find it necessary to give your opinion where it’s not asked, to a mom who is just browsing..with their child in the cart.

So on that note, can you figure out which bathing suit I’m going with?

Nope ^^^^

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Eating Local- D-Spot.

I LOVE wings. If probably eat wings everyday if London allowed me too. Back home my go to was always B-Dubs, can you say hello fried pickles?? So naturally when we moved to the Twin Cities I was asking questions I never thought I would have to ask; what do you mean I can’t buy beer on Sunday? Where am I supposed to get a slurpee from if there’s no 7-11? And most importantly, where can I find the best wings out here?

And then I was introduced to D-Spot in Oakdale right next to St. Paul. This hidden gem has an entire full page of wings you’d never thought possible. From sweet, to traditional, to so hot you need to eat the other hot wings to be allowed to eat the hottest wings on the menu.

Being able to buy in 6,7,8, or 12 or  it makes it easy to get through the flavors you’re dying to try. However, with so many choices it takes forever to decide what to get for lunch. 

Since its a new to me place, I’ve only tried a handful of flavors with the Black Widow and Chicken and Waffles being my favorite so far.

One of the great things about a new place, visiting or living, is finding the hidden gems around the area and finding some delicious wings. 

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Stop Dreaming, Start Living. 

If you’ve checked out my bucket list pages, you’ll see I have a lot under my travel list. I want to go everywhere and see everything. My one true regret in life is that I never took the opportunity to travel before starting my family. I mean I went places, but I have a feeling London will have gone to more places around the world by the time she’s 16 than I did by the time I turn 30. Which is good, it just means we’ll be seeing and experiencing things for the first time together. 

I’ve always loved the idea of planning to see a new place, getting on a plane and just going. My love for that started when I was 19 and went to Los Angeles, I had no idea how cheap it actually was to buy a plane ticket. But as I said before, I never took the advantage of it when I was younger or even when Arthur and I first got married.

Our first mini vacation was in 2010 to Cleveland for a weekend to visit one of his friends.I ended up getting sick the first day and slept most of the time. Real cool. Except we did go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. 

Our next vacation didn’t come til 2014 when we said screw it, let’s go on a honeymoon and we went to Disney World. By the time I had given myself enough time to research and know what to look for and how to get the best deals.

Which is also why we took London to Disney World last year. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t take her on vacation, our dreams to travel aren’t going to be put on hold because we have a toddler, if anything it’s more of a reason to travel. Disney fall trip coming in September 2018!

Now traveling with London is by far one of my most wanted mom goals. I want her to see where she went and we took her places, and we traveled as a family. She’s not even 2 and she’s been to five states already. She already has a good head start on me by the time I was 2. 

Arthur and I have decided we obviously didn’t go anywhere before becoming parents so we’re going to make it a point to take a vacation atleast every two years just the two of us. And our first destination will be London, England in June of 2018. 

I’ve never been out of the country and I’m already so excited to get started on the process of getting a passport, researching what to see, what to do, I want to soak up everything there is about the culture across the pond. And of course see all the Harry Potter locations.

So if you’ve been to London, tell me everything! Places to go, sights to see, places to eat, everything! If you haven’t, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

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Finding That Well Deserved Me Time.

Stay at home moms, full time working moms, part time working moms, moms of multiples. Whatever kind of mama you are, we all need that me time. Whether it’s during nap time, once your Little goes down for the night, or your husband takes them out for a few hours, it’s always a well appreciated time to take for ourselves. 

I try to not make Arthur  take London out on his day off without me only because it’s his only day off and I’m not going to miss a family day to get in a few hours to myself. Not worth it. 

When I say Me time, I mean time you take for YOURSELF. Not folding laundry, cleaning up toys, anything that would be considered a chore by your husband who sometimes will just use a paper towel instead of running the dishwasher….

The Me time I’m talking about is the most wonderful time when you sit and have not a care in the world about the pile of dishes that need to be put away. The time where you can pull out a good book and get lost in the world you’re dreaming of being in. Basically the feeling of taking your bra off after a long day, you know that good good feeling I’m talking about. 

So here’s a few of my Me Time activities that I look forward to during nap time and bed time. * I don’t consider anything I can do while London is awake a Me Time activity. The point is to be able to lose track of time in the quietness of your Little sleeping. 

1. Reading. This is a given, especially if you know me personally. I read everyday,mostly once London is asleep so I can get in as many chapters as I can.

2.Planning. Again, I think this is a given for how much I like to have much of my life in order. But sometimes I stray away from meal planning and lean towards planning out how I want to decorate the basement, or London’s playroom, blog posts, or my favorite planning a Disney trip.

3. Crafts. Let me tell you, being able to craft in a house there’s actually room for is the greatest. Lately I’ve been making deco mesh wreaths, which I would love to be able to be a vendor at a craft fair for. But I also enjoy scrapbooking, studding jackets and accessories, and this month it’s been all about crafting for London’s 2nd birthday party. 

4. Binge. Not food, all though I do enjoy a good junk food binge once in a while. I love to Binge watch my favorite shows or movie series. I can’t binge watch anything like I used to when I would watch all day if I was off from work, but I like to relax at night with a good 4-5 episodes of one of my favorites. 

5. Pinterest. My favorite app. Especially during nap time when I don’t know how long London will actually be napping for. Whether it’s for meal ideas, outfits, makeup, whatever. Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to find some inspiration. Bonus points if it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest-fail.
What’s your favorite way for some Me Time?

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Surprise Wifey!

This week, Arthur had planned quite the surprise for me. I’m not on that can be surprised ever. OK maybe sometime, but most of the time I find out there’s a surprise and push for hints til eventually I find out. Yea, I’m that person who hates surprises.

So last week, Arthur told me Monday morning he had to be at the shop at 7 am, he goes to work any noon, to help take some stuff down and redo the front area. I really believed it because he was so convincing. 

Monday morning comes, the loudest alarm going off at 6:45, and he heads to the shop. London and I get up a little earlier than usual and start our day. Being super slow motion because I don’t have a coffee. Yes, I’m also that wife who has a Starbucks every morning because my husband gets one for me. I texted Arthur to find out if he’s coming back home before his shift, and he tells me he is but also someone from the shop is bringing me coffee because he felt bad for having to leave so early. About 20 minutes later I hear a pounding on my front door, thinking it was my Starbucks delivery. I open the door..and one of besties from Chicago is standing at my door. And there I am confused as confused can be. 

My husband decided to fly in a friend because he knew how much I missed seeing my friends. It was a 24 hour visit because she had to get back to work, but we made the best of the 24 hours by going to the Mall of America and the aquarium. Part of the purpose for the surprise visit was for me to able to go out that night for a couple of drinks. Unfortunately, we’re not 22 anymore and decided to stay in with some beers and games. And I’m not complaining at all. 

I can’t remember the last time I was ever that surprised, and it came at the most perfect time ever. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has always been another day, boyfriend or not. Even after Arthur and I got married. We always did a card, maybe a fancy dinner, but it was never necessary to go all out on a day that reminds you to remember your loved one. We love each other everyday. 

Valentine’s Day became more special to us in 2014 when we had our baby shower on Valentine’s Day. The month before was incredibly difficult and stressful and this made me remember what we had coming to be thankful for. 

Last year, London was only 10 months old and obviously didn’t understand, not that she does today, but we still made it special for her.

With coming up on two, we’re able to somewhat explain that today is Love Day but it’s also London’s Celebration Day. And it just happened to have worked out to be on Tuesday so Arthur was off from work. 

We spent the last week making different heart crafts, and a special Valentine for her daddy. Homemade of course. 

We started today with pink scrambled eggs, and a surprise for Mama from her man. Can’t go wrong with roses and a gift card to my favorite book store. 

I’ve mentioned before how great the Mall of America is on Tuesdays because it’s Toddler Tuesday’s. London got to spend the afternoon riding rides and her first Rollercoaster. 

Capping off our afternoon with lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and seeing a few outfits worn by Prince. 

I love our family days, but I love even more that Valentine’s Day is special for us because it was a day we celebrated London before she arrived. 

However, I’m excited for my sushi tonight and a binge marathon of Twilight. My man really does love me.

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Being a Lonely Mama. 

I’m never alone. Literally. From the time London wakes up to the time she goes to bed, she’s with me every hour, minute and second. I would never complain or be ungrateful for that. Being blessed to stay home with her has been what I’ve always wanted.

Do I miss the adult interaction from working? Sometimes. But no one works 24/7, so my adult interaction always came after 5 or on the weekends. Even the chances of being with other moms was great because it got me and London out of the house. There was always something to do and someone to hang out with. 

Fast forward to today, in a different state and not knowing anyone or anything. It’s incredibly lonely. And I’m sure almost boring for London, only being around me all the time. As wonderful as it is to stay in contact through social media and texts, it sucks having to miss out on things that are happening back home. Birthdays, play dates, baby showers, even just random mid day hang outs. 

Knowing the next time you’ll be in town and can make plans to see friends is sad knowing that won’t happen for at least a month or two. 

It’s hard making friends in grade school. It’s even harder making new friends when you’re a stay home mom living in a brand new town in a brand new state. No one knows me, my past, nothing about me.

I thought the hardest part of moving was going to be decorating and furnishing and making our house a home. While that’s hard and taking longer than I thought, it’s being alone and keeping a smile on my face and making sure London has a fun day, everyday.

So no, my life is far from perfect and just like everyone else I have my down days. I don’t regret moving out of state. We have so much to explore here and really see what Minnesota has to offer. 

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Date Nights, That Don’t Involve Dinner and A Movie.

Date Nights are rare for Arthur and I, but when we do get them we like to do something different each time. Dinner and a movie is great, especially if there’s a new movie we’re dieing to see. Lately our last two date nights were concerts.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought this was the perfect time to share a list of date night options with you. 

Zoo date- Most of the time our zoo days include taking London to the zoo, but our local zoo does adult nights with drinks and music.

Karaoke Night

-Museum/ art gallery

-Binge your favorite TV show at home.- bonus fun if you build a Fort to watch it in.

-Recreate your 1st date-  the only exception if your first date was dinner and a movie.

 Wine tasting

– Camp out in the backyard

– board game night- we do this at least once a week after London goes to sleep. It’s our way to spend time together and not talk about bills or stuff that needs to get done.

 people watch- yes we’re those people.

Paint ball

ice skating

– Hit up an indoor water park

–  Visit a local bookstore

– Get a couples massage- Groupon is great for finding good deals.

– Bowling- a favorite for Arthur

Night of video games- hook up your old Nintendo or Sega if you have one.

Arcade- We love Dave and Busters

Have a picnic- pack a big picnic basket and go to a park, your backyard or even your bedroom floor.

Drive around with no destination in mind- flip a coin each time you get to a light. Turn left for heads, turn right for tails. See where you end up.

Find a local festival

– Flea market

– Mini golf

– Sporting event

– Paint war- fill balloons with paint, take your posts in the backyard. Or water balloons if you don’t want to get messy

 Bike rides

– Cook a meal together. 

– Get a tattoo together

– Concert

– Windows shopping

– Park and talk in the car with your favorite meal or snack

– Jump on a trampoline 

– Star gaze

– Watch the sunset or rise

– Play would you rather?

What else makes for a great date night,that’s not dinner and a movie?

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Daddy-o’s First Visit to Minnesota. 

London’s Papa left yesterday afternoon to head back home to Chicago. I couldn’t tell you enjoyed the last week more. Him, myself, Arthur, London. Having my dad come out here was a very cool thing not only for Arthur to suggest he does everymonth, but for my dad to actually get past his fear of flying to visit us. 

This was the longest I had gone without seeing my parents, video calling doesn’t count, but it was also the first time he was seeing out new house. He was seeing where we packed up and moved to with his grand baby. I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed every moment out here. 

From an entire day at the Mall of America, an afternoon at the Crayola Experience, seeing where Prince lived, and getting a Jucy Lucy from Matt’s. He did and saw so much with us that it didn’t even feel like it was a vacation for him. 

Did I mention we made homemade soup? My favorite past time with him. 

It got a little cold, hello Minnesota Cold, but he had no complaints of hanging out at the house and have a few game nights.

While the week went by quick, I was actually sadder than I thought I would be dropping him off at the airport. 

But once I knew he landed safely…and i had Davey Havoc performing in front of me, my sadness seemed to disappear. 

I’m not sure how I managed to keep London on a schedule, take my dad to the airport and still get ready for date night to AFI all before 7pm, but I did it. These moments I call my “super mom” moments.

Now it’s back to reality. Laundry. Meal planning. Cleaning. And now planning London’s 2nd birthday party!