January Goals

It’s a great month to finally get our house completely unpacked and organized, but also a great time to get London’s imagination really going with crafts.

Organize linen closet and main bathroom- Plus organized kitchen drawers.

-Print photos

-Go sledding

-Winter festival in St. Paul

Read two books. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Peter Pan.-Plus read The Hobbit, Little House in the Big Woods, A Little Princess and currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring.

-Build a snowman or go sledding

-Meal plan on Sundays

Start recipe binder- New recipes to be typed. Binder and page protectors purchased to begin putting binder together.

go to book store by myself- Plus multiple trips to local thrift stores to add to our book collection.

– get a massage

craft with London- Painted a Mickey Mouse bank, made a snowflake.

– weekly and daily checklists- Be more consistant.

take down xmas stuff

-Two date nights- Anti-Flag and AFI

Show daddy-o around MN- MOA,Crayola Experience, Prince House,

-Make a TBR Jar- TBR list done. Decorating jar to be done next month